Video Games

PCP Episode 056: Legend of Zelda

HEY! Listen! As any true gamer knows, we are upon the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda and the release of the latest entry in the franchise: Skyward Sword. It’s been a long road for the elfin hero of Hyrule as we recount the franchise and our experiences with it. We talk how and where we get our starts, some of favorite moments and all of the major releases (and that one Phillips CDi game). Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, Twilight Princes and more are on the docket. But we have a question to pose: who’d win in a fight between Link and Raiden from Metal Gear? Just curious.

PCP Episode 052: First-Person Shooters

Call of Duty and Battlefield are poised to go head-to-head with releases just days apart. As we get closer to the holidays (yes, we know it’s only the first full week of November) these games will be joined by a handful of others for grenade-tossing, meleeing,tea-bagging dominance. So, why not talk about first-person shooters as a whole? We keep things general here and talk about some of our favorites, assess the Battlefield-COD war and make (un)related jokes along the way. But, what are some of your favorite shooters that we missed or that downright sucked?

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Review

Game season is upon us and the AAA titles are prepping for the holiday season it seems. Last week, we discussed the lineage and pedigree of Naughty and now we’re back to review their latest offering. Does it love live up to the standards set by Uncharted 2’s multiple GOTY titles? Find out in our review and be sure to tune in on Wednesday for 052: First-Person Shooters.

PCP Episode 051: Naughty Dog

Oobidiga! So help me if one you corrects my spelling. Look, Uncharted 3 is on shelves and in PS3s everywhere right now. Why are you worried about correcting typos? Anyway, we thought we’d take this time to look back on the history of the development studio behind the Uncharted franhise: Naughty Dog. We look back on their humble beginnings, success in the Crash Bandicoot series, the Jak and Daxter franchise and look back on memories of the first two Uncharted games. We anticipate playing the game and what to know what you all have to say about the studio and your favorite memories with their titles.

PCP Episode 043: Square Enix

Ok…we’ve talked Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, RPGs and pretty much every even remotely related to the collective consciousness of Square Enix with discussing the company as a whole. Well, we rectify that now by discussing the company behind the aforementioned, Chrono Trigger, The Bouncer, Just Cause, Hitman and Deus Ex.

PCP Episode 038: Final Fantasy

There is nothing final about this episode’s subject matter. We’ve talked RPGs and Kingdom Hearts before but, now we’re talking about the crowning jewel of Square Enix (Squenix) – Final Fantasy. With a lineage lasting longer than the lifespans of many of our listeners, we realized it’d be ridiculous for us to discuss the franchise in its entirety. As such, we’ll be talking about the overhype of VII, a brief into VIII (unfortunately most of the recording has be distorted), love IX and X, skip XI (like everyone else) and get into some heated debate on XII and XIII. Then we give our 2 cents on the future of the franchise. Be sure to tell us your thoughts on Final Fantasy as well. We know you’ve got some thoughts too so, please share.

PCP Episode 035: Devil May Cry

 Time to hack and slash your way through the most liberal adaptation of Dante’s Inferno since…well, EA’s Dante’s Inferno game. Don’t base your book report on it. Yep, time to pick out your favorite Devil Arm for a walk down one of the most convoluted video game franchises to ever see the light of day. There’s a lot to discuss when discussing a series so over-the-top and out of order. How to describe it? A Sweet, Stylish, Awesome, Showtime Blast. Be forewarned, this one has no easy mode as we marathon it after 30 minutes. But, check it out and be sure to tell us what you guys think about the franchise and the abomination that will likely be DMC(5).

PCP Episode 029: Role-Playing Games

The original trinity is back to talking about video games this time. Yep, this will be the first in our series discussing the different genres of video games instead of particular franchises. Here, we talk RPGs both oriental and occidental. We compare and contrast the camps of East vs West RPG-making and figure out just what makes them so different. In addition, we each share our 5 favorite role-playing games, note the the suck that is Star Ocean 3, tell a funny X-Men Legends story in which Josiah still can’t save Marcus and epic summons. As a little bonus, we get a bit critical and figure out what makes a hardcore gamer. Someone logging 12 hours in Call of Duty or 108 hours in Final Fantasy X?

PCP Episode 021: Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Heaaaarts! Now that that’s out of the way, we must reiterate: We do not know anything regarding when Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming out. That being said, we, the PCP heartless, do chronicle the exploits of the Sora in the venerable franchise. A fair warning: we do stay away from the more Disney aspects of the game as it would bring completely off topic (that’s for another episode). Still, the Disney-Final Fantasy hybrid is a worthy candidate for us to drone on about.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Pokemon Black & White

Entertainment news with the Pop Culture Podcast crew for the week of March 6-13. Apologies for the low audio quality but, it does improve after about 3 minutes so you won’t miss our review of Pokemon Black & White. Also, we’d like to wish our road dog, Josiah, a happy birthday. We miss you buddy and look forward to having you back.

PCP Episode 016: Metal Gear Solid

Incoming Transmission… The agents of P.C.P. debrief on Solid Snake’s mission to end Foxhound going from day one (the original Metal Gear…er Snake Eater) up to current (Guns of the Patriots) status. In attendance: “Pissing Willow” aka Shegaw, “Laughing Octopus” aka Marcus, “Crying Bear” aka Audie and “Howling Shepherd” aka Avery. Unfortunately, it seems we’d been compromised about halfway through by the likes of Psycho Mantis (trying plugging your headphones into another port). The real story is that the hard drive with the “clean” episode was stolen (that’s the ‘hood for ya). We apologize for the audio quality but, not for the good time you’ll have.

PCP Episode 015: Capcom

Pop Culture Podcast vs. Capcom! Listeners team up as we shryuken one of the most popular game development and distribution companies to come out of Japan. Bringing us hits including Street fighter, Resident Evil and Mega Man, we’re sure you can find something to give a flying RE5 about. Also, for staying with us until level 15, you’ve unlocked a new character. That’s right, a new challenger approaches! It’s the inaugural episode of the PCP bodyguard – the Audacious Audie. Get your slugs or tokens ready. Continue… Start… BEGIN!

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Marvel vs Capcom 3 Review

Entertainment news with the Pop Culture Podcast crew for the week of February 27 to March 6 including an overview of the Grammy awards and a review of Marvel vs Capcom 3.

PCP Episode 002: Video Games

This time, the crew discusses the best video games of the year. In addition, we talk the most disappointing games, East vs West RPGs, the rise of motion-based gaming and we talk shop about the future of PCP. Apologies in advanced for the technical difficulties (I just can’t stay mad at that dog).


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