PCP’s Weekly Dose: Super Bowl XLVI

The game held us back. Yes, we’re nerds but we’re men too darn it! We talk the commercials, the halftime show and even the game. It’s 40 minutes of jokes so sit back and enjoy.

PCP Episode 061: Best of 2012 Avery Awards

Best Cancelled/Ended Show: Smallville, Star Gate, The Hard Times of RJ Burger, Entourage, Lights Out

Best New Show: Being Human, Alphas, Death Valley, Awkward, New Girl, Hell on Wheels

Best  Returning Show: Breaking Bad, Supernatural, Psych, Community, Justified, Vampire Diaries

Best Animated Show: Young Justice, Regular Show, Adventure Time, Avengers, South Park, Archer

Best Premium Program: Game of Thrones, Spartacus, How to Make it in America, Boardwalk Empire, MisFits

PCP Episode 060: Reality TV

Well, this turned into the hate Kim Kardashian hour very quickly. Then it turned into bash Jersey Shore with PCP. Yeah, we turned into grumpy old men more than Audie on a daily basis. This was a show that we kept loose and just have a catty time, like a bunch of skanks, talking about people that we don’t know. We talk the gambit of the genre including what’s wrong with whipper-snappers, some of the worst shows and the ones we’re guilty of watching. What are some of your favorites and, more importantly, are you having a happy holiday?

PCP Episode 055: Super Hero Dramas

Sorry about the lack of a Weekly Dose this week, but we’ll be making it up to you guys with a special double-post. This time, we’re talking television. Specifically, super hero dramas. We go into non-licensed shows (ie no characters from DC or Marvel). We go from the classics like Greatest American Hero, 6 Million Dollar Man and Zorro to Japanese adaptations like Big Bad Beetleborgs and Ultra Man. But, you’re more concerned with the modern versions, right? How about Buffy the Vampire Slayer (yes, it counts), Secret World of Alex Mack, The Cape (ugh) and spend a lot of time on the rise and falllll of Heroes. What are some of your favorites and which superhero TV dramas can suck it? Let us know and be sure to check back in this week for 056: Legend of Zelda.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Thanksgiving

We’re going to be honest here: we have been busy, short-staffed and didn’t really have anything to review  this week so, we thought we’d wax poetic of the times. Itis Day is coming up and we get into a stream of random discussions vaguely related to that for which we’re thankful. This includes the state of Community, turkey day traditions, black Friday  sales and so much more nonsense that it would behoove you to listen. What are some of your quirkier Thanksgiving traditions? Let us know and check back in for 054: Gundam

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Halloween

With mischief night having passed and the holiday upon us, we thought we’d give a minute to talk about Halloween. We discuss our previous antics, the best and worst in candy and some of our favorite shows/movies to watch. Bad nylon, plastics masks, tootsie rolls, Hocus Pocus, Courage the Cowardly Dog are all in this candy bag. This is a bit on the fun size but, we have a full review sitting in the oven for everybody tomorrow.

PCP Episode 049: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Someone needs to stop the nostalgia train that has been running along with PCP these past few weeks because it is out of control. We’re actually, finally talking about Yu-Gi-Oh! and it is a good one. We all at the Pop Culture Podcastle or Brownstone (whatever we call that basement now) had a love for fighting with cards at one point and we are here to skewer it. The melodrama, the kidnappings, the sheer ridiculousness…it’s all on the table for us to lampoon. If you watched the show, share some hearty laughs with us (we guarantee that we won’t break your souls).

PCP Episode 048: Toonami

First off folks, we’d like to apologize for the lack of a Weekly Dose this week. Hopefully, this nostalgia-driven, bonus-sized episode in the same vein as last week’s 047: Dragon Ball will make up for it. Yep, we return to the public school lunch table and discuss Toonami. There’s nothing that needs to particularly be said here. It’s a rundown of one of the greatest television blocks in kid show cable history. In addition to the shows, we give love to Tom and his many phases over 11 years. Be sure to tell us some of your favorites and regale us with your memories.

PCP Episode 047: Dragonball

The amount of ridiculousness contained within the Dragonball franchise is virtually immeasurable. With a roster of characters that continues to grow, increasingly convoluted stories and some downright gratuitous animation, Dragonball is a mighty beast. If you wanted a podcast to summarize the series for you…look elsewhere. This is an episode for nostalgia. This is buddies just reveling in the hilarity and awesome that Dragonball was and is as we recount Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT.

PCP Episode 046: Comedy

We don’t want to come off as presumptuous but, this time, we bring the funny. For once, our habitual robbery of other people’s jokes is actually in order. Here we discuss some of our favorites in stand-up, musical and improvisational comedy. We had a good time recording this one and were reminded of why we started doing these recordings – to share some laughs and remain close buds. Listen for the giggles, to tell us your favorite comedians that we have missed or to discover which of us named Dane Cook as their favorite comic.

PCP Episode 042: Classic Comics Cartoons

We’ll be taking it easy on you guys this week with what I like to call a diet-sized episode. One of the crew’s favorite things to do is just shooting the breeze about old cartoons. We love the nostalgia. What can we say? Anyway, we dip into that well again by recounting some of the comics cartoons that came out prior to the 2000s. We omitted the Bruce Timm shows this time so that we can save them up for an episode of its own. Even still, there were plenty of shows we had to leave out so we’ll likely be revisiting this era again. But, what are your favorites that we left out? Tell us any way you can.

PCP Episode 041: Wrestling II

Apologies for the tardiness on this one folks (we recorded this 2 weeks prior to airing) but, we’re back and talking about wrassling! That’s right, Wrestling II, aka the CM Punk hour. With the landscape of the wrestling world having been turned on its ear over the last couple of months, we thought it was time to reform the Nation of Domination 2.0. Things start off with a review of the events of Money in the Bank. Then we talk WWE, TNA, ROH and IWC (internet wrestling community) but…in all honesty this is a very WWE heavy show. We’ve got plenty of commentary that’s infinitely more entertaining than anything with Michael Cole in it (GDYC). Tell us your favorites and thoughts on the current state of wrestling.

PCP Episode 040: South Park

We’ve longed teased that we’d eventually have a musical episode of PCP. But, little did we know that this would be that episode (though not in proper). Look, you’ve seen the show, the movie, can still sing the songs and you’re still sore from when your parent beat for watching it. Consider this an episode of nostalgia with friends making references to some of your favorite episodes of a venerable series. No PSAs this time but, there is the thought-provoking dialogue that South Park tends to stimulate with its satire. We also speculate on the future of the series and ask YOU, the listeners, what’s your favorite episode and what do you the think the future holds for the show?

PCP Episode 039: G4TV

Fellow nerds, geeks, dweebs, gamers and fanboys…gather around. Except for you furries. Y’all can stay on Deviantart for now. You all may recall a time when two networks, G4TV and Tech TV, merged to form the geekiest of unions: G4TechTV. Certainly many of you are familiar with the channel today but, did you know the channel used to be about games and only games? It’s true! Join us as we recount the path taken as these respective meccas of nerdiness came together and how it became what it is today. We discuss the programs we loved, lost and the current state of affairs. We love you Pereira!

PCP’s Weekly Dose: TV Finales / Fast 5 Review

First of all, RIP Randy “Macho Man” Savage. Entertainment news with the Pop Culture Podcast crew for the week of May 17-23. It’s another full episode for you guys this week as there was a lot to talk about. We nerd-out about the dream team ensemble behind the Tintin trailer, Tanto whitewashing, sour grapes with Activision lead to Modern Warfare 3 leaks, PSN redemption (ie free shwag) and a lot of other stories. We have a different discussion/review section for you guys this week. We have a rapid-fire review for several TV finales this past week (Chuck, Hawaii 5-0, The Office) and do a more in-depth review of Fast 5 since it’s kind of a down week. Don’t forget to check back in this week for episode 028: Spider-Man. You know you want to.

PCP Episode 027: Smallville

The boys of PCP lend a hand at the Kent Farm in rural Kansas. Looking back on the origins of the boy who would be Superman, we bid the 10 year television farewell. We take a look back on the series as a whole and review the ultimate episode, Finale, in-depth. As much as most of us rip on the series and some of its fans (ie Marcus and Josiah), we implore you to always hold on to Smallville.

PCP Episode 026: 90s Disney Cartoons

5 hours of summer once a week. Yep, more nostalgia for you folks in gratitude of sticking with us so long. Yes, back in the day, television had a block of programming set aside exclusively for kids that would last 2 hours after school and for 5 hours on a Saturday morning. We have fond memories of these days and would like to share them with you. Let’s get dangerous talking about the offering of Disney’s animated TV shows like Darkwing Duck, Timon & Pumba, Doug (not the Nickelodeon one), The Mighty Ducks, Tale Spin, Gargoyles and Recess. This is another show where a description is unnecessary and you just need to remember a few theme songs. Be sure to stick around until the end to hear something never heard before on this show. So sit back, relax and enjoy some killer tofu with us.

PCP Episode 022: British Telly

Today the mates of PCP gather to discuss British programming. We hop in the TARDIS to explore the worlds of Dr. Who. We also discuss things that go bump in the night on Being Human as well as engage in pure, mindless vandalism on MisFits among other shows. It’s gonna be a jolly good time. Oh, and if you have trouble getting it to work, you might wanna try turning it on and off again (that’s right, IT Crowd reference). Cheers…

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Wrestlemania XXVII Review

Entertainment news with the Pop Culture Podcast crew for the week of April 3 to 10. We’ve got the full cast/roster/ensemble/squad/clique/crew/denotation for a group 3 or more individuals brought together with a singular goal in mind. We discuss the passing of legendary director Sidney Lumet, Chronicles of Narnia 4, the demise of Stargate, PSN hackery, butt-holes inside of butt-holes and much more. We also have our review of Wrestlemania 27. Don’t forget to checkout our upcoming post dedicated to British television. It will be a ripping-good time.

PCP Episode 019: Adult Swim (Rise and Fall)

All kids out of the pool! In all seriousness, kids shouldn’t listen to us but, you give us numbers so go ahead. We really nerd out this time as we, the PCP crew, reminisce about the rise an fall of William’s Street. To be honest, we were having such a good time that we barely touch on the fall. We walk down memory lane as me note the transition from Toonami to what made Adult Swim must-see tv for us: Anime, irreverent humor and the bumps. We talk Cowboy Bebop, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Gundam, Harvey Birdman and pretty much everything else to some degree. We had a particularly good time just remembering shows tonight and we hope you all do too.

PCP Episode 018: USA Network

What do you get when you put the MacGuyver of doctors from the Hamptons, a blacklisted covert-ops agent in Miami, and the next great interracial bromance from Santa Barbara in one place? Probably a coke party at Charlie Sheen’s place. But this time, you get the zany characters of the Pop Culture Podcast discussing the original programming of the USA Network. We go in to discuss In Plain Sight, Burn Notice, Psych and Royal Pains with our obligatory side comments and rants.

PCP Episode 010: Best of 2010 Avery Awards

Now that all the self-serving smug of the Golden Globes is over and done with, we can get to some award show where you don’t buy your way in – PCP’s Best of 2010 Avery Awards. The “Avery’s” if you will. To be clear, you can in fact buy us out but, we have no ceremony, credibility or actual trophy (sorry to ruin the illusion). Just to let you all know, there are some candidates that got robbed. We’re talking unforgivably so. But, our format is that we can only vote on the media we’ve actually experienced first hand. It’s not the best system but, it’s near the worst. Not much of a pardon, I know. But, if you’d be so kind, take it easy and enjoy us wax poetically about the best dramatic film, game console, manga, animated series, indie comic book, music video and so much more. We do mean more. Seriously. I’m talking defenestration and at least one of us in traction.

PCP Episode 007: Power Rangers

The fellas of the Pop Culture Podcast are rolling extra deep this time (5 full) in prep for the onset of our most daunting tasking – talking Power Rangers. That’s right, 7 episodes in and we’re talking nostalgia. It’s quite the task but, someone has to discuss the entire history of America’s Sentai Warriors adaptation. We go from Mighty Morphing to RPM to the granddaddy of them all – the feature film itself.

PCP Episode 005: Television

In the fifth episode, the PCP wolf-pack grow by one. That’s right, Avery, Marcus and Shegaw are now graced by a kindred spirit in Josiah Bradley. The new guy jumps in as we discuss television. The parameters of which include series currently running upon this recording like The Walking Dead, Smallville and many more.


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