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PCP’s Weekly Dose: In Time Review

1 Nov

Happy November and we hope you all had a spooktacular Halloween. Now that all of the shenanigans are out of the way, PCP can get back to business. We’ve returned to review the sci-fi action flick starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. Josiah, Marcus and Shegaw go fairly in-depth here to make up for the brevity of our Halloween bonus episode but, it’s pretty spoiler-free. Be sure to return for Episode 051: Naughty Dog tomorrow as we anticipate Uncharted 3.


PCP’s Weekly Dose: Halloween

31 Oct

With mischief night having passed and the holiday upon us, we thought we’d give a minute to talk about Halloween. We discuss our previous antics, the best and worst in candy and some of our favorite shows/movies to watch. Bad nylon, plastics masks, tootsie rolls, Hocus Pocus, Courage the Cowardly Dog are all in this candy bag. This is a bit on the fun size but, we have a full review sitting in the oven for everybody tomorrow.

PCP Episode 050: Email

24 Oct

It’s an episode about nothing in particular so consider this our homage to Let’s Do This. We wanted to do something special for our 050th episode but, we decided to just chat things up. Things go all over the place in this first of a two-parter. We discuss Marcus’s job woes, babies that will look like Sasquatch, Thurnis and Mathew tell homeschooling stories, strange punishments and read emails that go everywhere as well. The DC52, our dreams/aspirations and some of the more intense moments in PCP history.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Prequels and Remakes

17 Oct

With The Thing and Footloose hitting theaters, the crew felt it was as timely as any other time to remake a past episode(this has nothing to do with the fact that a few of us could not make it to the recording). We have the trademark tangents and jokes to keep this one lively for you guys. We talk some of the best and worst prequels and remakes and draw the line on what makes a reboot and new interpretations (be they based on books or anything else.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Real Steel Review

10 Oct

After a week off, the Weekly Dose back and in full effect. Well, it’s back anyway. The roster is back to 5 again at least but, only 3 of us got to go out and see our review for the week: Real Steel. Yep, the Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em lawsuit waiting to happen is on the cutting board for us. Be sure to check back with us this Wednesday for episode 049: Yu-Gi-Oh!? We’ll get back to ya on that. In the meantime, enjoy some impromptu vaudeville.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Re-Releases

26 Sep

With Lion King poised to be number one at the box-office for the second week in a row (and probably the only movie to do that across different millennia), we at the PCP brownstone thought we’d examine the re-release trend. Why do it and what movies actually deserve it? A warning, our soundboard crapped out on us again and we have another have static show. We know, it’s frustrating. We’re working on the problem but, in the mean time, it’s your chance to tell us what movies you guys think deserve to be re-released. Be sure to tune in on Wednesday for 047: Dragonball

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Drive Review

19 Sep

Ok, last week, one of us said that Warrior was their favorite movie of the year. But a mere week later, Ryan Gosling and his fingerless gloves may have changed their frame of mind. Yep, this week we continue our post-summer reviews by reviewing a small flick by the name of Drive about a stunt/getaway driver that gets into a heist gone bad.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Warrior Review

12 Sep

Breaking from the mold of our general discussion preset for Weekly Doses, Audie, Marcus and Shegaw decided to see the movie Warrior for a full review of ha-has and man-tears. We discuss the movie that has us fear for Batman’s life and briefly talk about a few of our favorite fighting movies (a future episode perhaps?). Be sure to come back Wednesday for 045: Summer Movies in Review Deux (as it has been one year since we first started this podcast).

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Death in Comics

6 Sep

Happy Labor Day and apologies for last week’s Weekly Dose absence (a faux earthquake and a hurricane didn’t help matters for us but, we were hit with technical difficulties. At any rate, we’re back and are talking about comics again. Oh, and as a warning, the beginning song is the “Flame On” song by Human Torch (voiced by Brian Austin Green) that we mentioned recently. But, on to the meat of matters: deaths in comics is the triumphant return of Brother Josiah to the PCP brownstone as we discuss what should be the ultimate for some of our favorite characters. Be sure to check back in for 044: Ultimate Comics this Wednesday.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Leaker Madness

22 Aug

Between TDK Rises, Spider-Man, Avengers, Superman: Man of Steel and countless other films, leaking footage and content seems to be turning into an industry in it of itself. Trailers, promotional photos and sneaking anything not nailed-down off the set has run exceedingly rampant. It used to be that if you didn’t want to see this material, all you had to do was not seek it. The current climate has it so that people pass judgement projects before their completion. These movies are a long way off so, we thought we’d take some time to assess why we do (ironically doing just that which we’re scrutinizing). What do you think? Do movie studios tell us too much about the films we want to see or do people simply judge too quickly?