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PCP Detox: Django Unchained Review

27 Dec

What happens when a German and a slave go on a road trip across the American south in the mid-nineteenth century? You get Quentin Tarantino’s latest with Django Unchained


PCP Episode 083: Scooby-Doo

6 Sep

Scooby…Dooby..Doo…where are you? We’ve got some work to do now. After all, it’s not so easy to rundown a franchise that has existed for over 40 years. Yes, it’s the heartwarming, yet seldom funny antics of Mystery Inc this week as we discuss the many series, movies, a predecessor to memes and have a remarkably challenging debate on whether or not reefer was an intended aspect of the original show. Just gonna point out that the word “dooby” was in the freaking theme song!

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Josie and the Pussycats

4 Sep

We enjoy a romp down memory lane as we recount cherished memories of our favorite toys, retouch on the process of games being adapted into movies now that Metal Gear is getting the treatment, Rob Liefeld and go in-depth on raising and disciplining kids. Yes, there is a reason why this episode is titled the way that it is. Listen to find out.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Marvel NOW!

1 Sep

You thought we’d let you guys go without a Weekly Dose, didn’t ya? Never that (except for those weeks when it is exactly that). This week we talk Marvel NOW!: the reboot, relaunch, New 52 response or whatever you want to call it and that’s it. Nothing else. We don’t open with any silly conspiracy theories, no tangents into dark territory or closing silliness. Not at all.

PCP Episode 081: Steven Spielberg

22 Aug

He’s…made…so…many,,,movies. We were so excited about the idea of doing this episode, but this many hasn’t not taken a break since he didn’t have money. You know the man’s name and so many of the movies, TV shows and even games that he’s made. Why feign a description. Jaws, Close Encounters, Indiana Jones, ET, The Color Purple, Hook, Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, Amistad, Saving Private Ryan…the list does in fact go on. Listen, laugh, learn and may we all bask in the arguably the most impressive resume in Hollywood.

PCP Episode 080: Survival Horror Games

16 Aug

We know what you’re thinking. “Why would they do an episode of PCP on survival horror games in August?” Well, it’s quite simp-BOO! That’s why! The element of surprise! Come October, all of you will be expecting this ep anyway. We like us some scary vidya games time and again around these parts. Resident Evil, Silent Hill…there are others I’m sure. Seriously, we delve quite in-depthly on the games that have scared us over the years and we hope that you’ll share your stories with us as well.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: The Campaign Review

14 Aug

PCP now returns you to this review of The Campaign already in progress. Don’t approve of that message? Well, how about a little group discussion on the latest entry in the “Jeremy Renner Gets a Franchise” series: The Bourne Legacy? What’s that, you want more? We also talk about the conclusion of the Olympics, The Newsroom and we roast one of absent brothers. Guess which one.

PCP Detox: The Bourne Legacy Review

11 Aug

It’s change in management as Tony Gilroy takes over for Paul Greengrass and Jeremy Renner for Matt Damon in what is effectively a reboot of the franchise

PCP Episode 079: Bleach

9 Aug

You guys thought that we’d never get around to actually doing this episode, didn’t you? Yep, another in our long line of “red herring” episodes bites the dust here as we finally tackle the second in the big 3 of Shonen. Well, we do eventually anyway. Truth be told, we have a lot of fun at the expense of the series, but we do get into how we fell into the franchise, our favorite characters and the highs and lows of the story.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: The Dark Knight Rises Review

23 Jul

The Dark Knight Rises came out. We all went to see it. We tried to avoid spoilers, but they came up anyway (you’ve been warned). We talk about a lot of wacky/unrelated stuff before and after that. That’s the description, now listen to us do funny Bane impressions!