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PCP’s Weekly Dose: The Avengers

7 May

SPOILER WARNINGS ABOUND! This was originally intended to be our obligatory review of The Avengers. No shock, we’ve been setting up for the film for years weeks. Anyway, after posting a couple of written reviews and the waxings of a particularly zealous PCP member, we decided to turn this into more of an Avengers synopsis with commentary dressing on the side. We must be clear: DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE AVENGERS. We go into excruciating detail and could effectively act as the citation for the Wikipedia page’s synopsis.


PCP Episode 071: Iron Man

24 Apr

The road to The Avengers continues! Yep, this time we highlight the man in shiny pants and a thing for the bourbon: “Tony ‘Iron Man’ Stark”  to get you all prepped for the big flick. We talk the character’s history, his rogues gallery, where we see the character’s future going and touch on the movies as well.