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Avery Has Issues…with These Issues II

14 Nov

Apologies for the wait but PCP is back with another edition of ….(*sigh*) Avery has Issues with these Issues. The gang sits down and dissects two of the new Marvel Now books the hilarious Deadpool and the poorly drawn Ironman. Witness Josiah put his foot down on the books he’s reading and Marvel Now catches its first casualties of the line when two people finally drop two books. Elsewhere, there’s a little PCP business talk at the end to wrap up the episode and the guys bunker down for a deluge of books comic in the next week.


Avery Has Issues…with These Issues

18 Oct

Many apologies about the wait but its finally here the long awaited first episode of the PCP Special Edition Podcast on Marvel Now…or how it becomes known later in the show Avery has Issues with Issues…Issue 1. Anyway the boys of PCP including special recurring guest Rob Barry sit down and talk about Marvel Comics newest publishing initiative Marvel Now. As they tear into Red She Hulk #1 or the confusing Red She Hulk #58 and Uncanny Avengers #1 here the fresh thoughts of three people who have never bout a Wednesday comic in their lives and listen to how surprised Avery becomes by everyone’s general reactions. This is the first of a weakly series so stay tuned and as always join the fun by picking up an issue. Also Josiah was wearing a captain’s hat inexplicably during the episode…you had to be there.

Marcus’s Top 10 Movies of 2012…so far…

5 Aug

1. The Dark Knight Rises:

The conclusion to Nolan’s Batman series that not only breathed new life into the once disgraced character but also changed how comic book movies are viewed. This isn’t simply the story of Batman’s ascension from his own personal hell, it’s a story of rebirth & the power of the human spirit in times of great adversity. We were presented with some compelling new allies in the form of John Blake & Selina Kyle as well as quite possibly one of the greatest onscreen villains of all time in the form of Bane. The stakes were high & the expectations were even higher but TDKR not only matched them, it exceeded them in my eyes. Whether or not it’s a better film than TDK really doesn’t matter because at the end of the day Nolan’s Batman series will go down in history as undoubtedly the greatest comic book movie series of all time and quite possibly the greatest movie trilogy of all time as well.

2.The Avengers:

What is there to say about this movie that millions of other people haven’t already said? In a year that Ridley Scott returned to Sci-Fi after 30 years & Nolan released the conclusion of his iconic Batman trilogy, The Avengers still stood tall as THE event film of the year and that says something. Like most Marvel movies, there’s all the glitz, glam & fanfare that you’d expect but thanks to Joss Whedon, there’s also alot of heart backing this juggernaut of a movie. All of the actors fully commit to their roles and combined with Whedon’s confident direction & brilliant writing, the characters truly feel every bit like they should. With a movie that could’ve been a disaster and essentially had the future of comic book movies riding on it’s shoulders, The Avengers rises to the occasion and then some. Don’t believe me? Go look at how much money it made & both its critic and audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

3. Prometheus:

Ridley Scott makes an emphatic return to the genre that he revolutionized 30 years ago just to remind everyone why he can’t be f*cked with. Prometheus is a movie that’s not afraid to ask tough questions and push both the actors & the audiences limits throughout. Along with a truly intriguing plot, the film boasts breathtaking visuals, one of the best ensemble casts of the year and one of the greatest onscreen performances of all time courtesy of Michael Fassbender. Whether or not it was successful as a “spiritual successor” of the Aliens saga is up for debate but nonetheless, as it stands, Prometheus is one of the best sci-fi movies to come out in the last decade.

4. The Grey:

The Grey is a gem of a movie that was unfortunately overlooked by most people because it came out in such a loaded year. A survival thriller in the truest sense of the term, The Grey really does capture the hopelessness of being stranded in a frozen tundra as well as the lengths that we will go in order to survive. Thanks to some strong acting all around (most notably from Liam Neeson), arresting cinematography & committed direction from Joe Carnahan, The Grey may very well be one of the best man vs the wild movies that’s ever been made.

5. Chronicle:

Or as I like to call it, The Little Movie That Could. Chronicle is a movie that literally came out of nowhere and impressed the hell out of damn near everyone much like Limitless did last year. Essentially based around the often pondered on question, “What would you do if you had got superpowers one day?”, Chronicle takes us on one hell of a journey as three high school friends learn the hard way that with great power comes great responsibility. What makes Chronicle so great is that instead of trying to turn it into a superhero movie they choose to simply make it about normal people reacting to having superpowers and that makes everything that happens that much more fascinating. It also takes the now gimmicky “found footage” style of filmmaking and adds a fresh new spin on it that makes perfect sense with the subject matter. Due to some potentially star-making turns from the lead actors, cost effective visuals, a tight script & very capable direction from first timer Josh Trank, Chronicle turned out to be the best original superpower based film ever made.

6. The Cabin In The Woods:

In a day & age where the American horror market has gotten beyond stale, The Cabin In The Woods is a well needed and overdue kick in the dick to the genre as a whole. Every once in a while a movie comes along that takes a genre of film, points out it’s flaws and proceeds to reinvent the wheel. This is that movie for the horror genre as it takes literally every cliche in horror history, rolls them up into a ball and kicks it out of the Earth’s orbit. This movie’s scathing & devilishly clever self deprecating humor comes from the brilliant mind of Joss Whedon who scripted the film and is effectively brought to life by Drew Goddard. As it stands Cabin In The Woods is my favorite horror movie of all time and unless American horror films start to step their game up, I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

7. Magic Mike:

A year ago if you would’ve asked me if I would go see a movie involving Channing Tatum & stripping and think I’d enjoy it I would’ve laughed in your face. It’s funny how things end up working out though because I thought Magic Mike was great. In the same autobiographical vein as 8 Mile, Magic Mike essentially tells the story of Channing Tatum’s exploits as a male stripper before he became a movie star while also doing for male stripping what Boogie Nights did for porn. Sure there’s alot of eye candy for the ladies (and some guys if that’s your preference) but the movie has substance behind all of the spray tan abs and man thongs. Intimate direction from Steven Soderborgh, Great cast chemistry & quite possibly Channing Tatum’s best perfomance yet make Magic Mike a pleasant surprise of a movie and serves as proof that Tatum may very well be evolving right in front of our eyes.

8. The Amazing Spiderman:

Out of all the movies on this list I was probably the most iffy about The Amazing Spiderman. While I was excited to see someone else’s take on the character, I (and many other Spidey fans) wasn’t so keen on the idea of watching another origin story on the guy. Thankfully the origin aspect of it proved to be it’s only glaring flaw as while it retreaded the same steps as Raimi, it was very much it’s own movie. Grabbing more inspiration from the Ultimate universe, this was a darker but more snarky take on the iconic character and thanks to some surefooted direction from Marc Webb and a pitch perfect performance from Andrew Garfield, TAS turned out to be my favorite Spiderman movie ever.

9. 21 Jump Street:

To me this, along with Think Like A Man, was the surprise of the year because I went to this with LOW expectations and had to eat some serious crow. 21 Jump Street isn’t so much remake of the show as it is an extension of the story as it follows newcomers Jenko (Tatum) & Schmidt (Hill) trying to bring down a local drug ring while going undercover as high school students. What surprised me the most about this movie was not only was it downright hilarious from start to finish but there was also some pretty genuine character development on both side. Tatum in particular stole the show in this as a former popular kid who’s completely out of his element in the new hipster savvy age of high school and ends up getting stuck with the nerds. There hasn’t been a buddy cop movie this good since Rush Hour 2 and if they can keep the level of quality that they did in this one then I greatly look forward to the sequel.

10. Haywire:

I was trying to decide between this & SWATH for the number 10 spot and ultimately this edged it out. The second Steven Soderborgh movie on this list, Haywire is nothing but a vehicle for Gina Carano to show off just how badass she is and damnit if she doesn’t show it well. Plot-wise it’s your run of the mill spy betrayal story but what makes Haywire special is just how visceral the action is. Carano comes off is quite possibly the first believable female asskicker since Michelle Rodreguiz as she proceeds to beat the shit out of every guy in this movie (and trust me they don’t hold back on her at all). Backed by some sleek and wisely minimalistic direction from Soderborgh, Gina Carano has emerged from Haywire is the next big action star.

Honorable Mention: Snow White & The Huntsman, Project X, The Hunger Games, Think Like A Man, The Five Year Engagement

PCP Episode 074: The Avengers

3 May

Assemble! We’ve been prepping for weeks and the movie is days–nay–hours away! If you need a comprehensive breakdown on the history of The Avengers, you’ve come to the right place. We talk about all of the non A-list characters that comprise of the team and recall all of its major historical incarnations. Every team, every member, every event is fair game in the comic’s canon. We closeout with the good stuff as we speculate on the movie and tease the nerd war that this upcoming summer will bring.

PCP Episode 070: Joss Whedon

19 Apr

Hello fellow disciples of Whedonism. As you may very well know, we’re excited about a little movie called Avengers that’s coming up. As such, we’re gonna spend some time preparing for it. We’re starting things off with another chapter in our spotlight series; this time for geek icon Joss Whedon. We talk his collective works in television, film and comics here before we completely forget that it’s not an episode about The Avengers movie.

PCP Episode 066: Contemporary Comic Cartoons

7 Mar
[audio http://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/0c3535anr9/pcp_066.mp3]

The alliteration continues! During Episode 042, we tackled classic comic cartoons which included as many shows as we could think of up to 1999. We finish the job now by tackling the shows after the year 2000. These are the shows that don’t have the hand of Bruce Timm in them as that’s an episode of its own. What’s on the docket? X-Men: Evolution, Teen Titans, The Batman, Spectacular Spider-Man, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Young Justice, Black Panther and much more. This is an extra-long episode so you’re gonna wanna get comfortable people.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Avengers vs. X-Men

13 Feb

We keep things pretty loose this time around as we try to do a recent comic book recap focusing on Marvel’s biggest event: Avengers vs. X-Men. But we also talk about how lawsuit-happy the industry has been and talk about a few movie trailers that have caught our eyes including Amazing Spider-Man and The Bourne Legacy.