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Avery Has Issues…with These Issues II

14 Nov

Apologies for the wait but PCP is back with another edition of ….(*sigh*) Avery has Issues with these Issues. The gang sits down and dissects two of the new Marvel Now books the hilarious Deadpool and the poorly drawn Ironman. Witness Josiah put his foot down on the books he’s reading and Marvel Now catches its first casualties of the line when two people finally drop two books. Elsewhere, there’s a little PCP business talk at the end to wrap up the episode and the guys bunker down for a deluge of books comic in the next week.


Avery Has Issues…with These Issues

18 Oct

Many apologies about the wait but its finally here the long awaited first episode of the PCP Special Edition Podcast on Marvel Now…or how it becomes known later in the show Avery has Issues with Issues…Issue 1. Anyway the boys of PCP including special recurring guest Rob Barry sit down and talk about Marvel Comics newest publishing initiative Marvel Now. As they tear into Red She Hulk #1 or the confusing Red She Hulk #58 and Uncanny Avengers #1 here the fresh thoughts of three people who have never bout a Wednesday comic in their lives and listen to how surprised Avery becomes by everyone’s general reactions. This is the first of a weakly series so stay tuned and as always join the fun by picking up an issue. Also Josiah was wearing a captain’s hat inexplicably during the episode…you had to be there.

PCP Episode 086: Kevin Smith

26 Sep

We like profiling people that give us mixed feelings because it’s just more interesting to talk about. After all, agreeing about how great or awful someone is is about as pointless as reading these descriptions. The title is right there! If that’s not reason enough for you to listen, what can we say here to convince you? Anyway, you know the routine: we profile the man, his works, highlights, low lights and talking about Dogma a lot.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Solve for JLA

14 Sep

It’s the return of everyone’s favorite radio game show where the rules are made up and the points don’t matter. But that’s not all! We touch on the recent passing of Michael Clarke Duncan, the VMAs, more on comics, metrosexuality and then get to our game. The magic here lies partially in playing along, but mostly in the chicanery surrounding the game. We can make anything sophomoric and in poor taste around here.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Josie and the Pussycats

4 Sep

We enjoy a romp down memory lane as we recount cherished memories of our favorite toys, retouch on the process of games being adapted into movies now that Metal Gear is getting the treatment, Rob Liefeld and go in-depth on raising and disciplining kids. Yes, there is a reason why this episode is titled the way that it is. Listen to find out.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Marvel NOW!

1 Sep

You thought we’d let you guys go without a Weekly Dose, didn’t ya? Never that (except for those weeks when it is exactly that). This week we talk Marvel NOW!: the reboot, relaunch, New 52 response or whatever you want to call it and that’s it. Nothing else. We don’t open with any silly conspiracy theories, no tangents into dark territory or closing silliness. Not at all.

PCP Overdose: Hey, What’s Going On

25 Jul

We’re still getting back in the swing of things here at PCP. As such, we saw fit to wave the traditional full episode log and shoot the breeze again with another Overdose. We talk relationship advice, comic-con coverage, more about the Dark Knight Rises (consider yourself warned of spoilers and Bane impressions) and more.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Solve for X-Men

5 Jun

We’re back, we have…retuuuuuuurned! Yep, after a bit of a respite from regularly scheduled posting, the PCP boys are on mic again. Of course, since its been a while, we can’t just jump right in like old times. What if we’re a bit rusty? So, we decided to try something a little experimental. Join us for a little a game we’re calling Solve for X-Men. How do you play? Listen, find out and yell at us for not saying the right thing like the ravenous fanatics we’re sure that you all are.

PCP Episode 076: Hellboy

17 May

This week we’re talking Hellboy. Why? Because we can! We recount the publishing history of Mike Mignola’s magnum opus and bastion of Dark Horse comics. Well, we mostly talk the comic and the subsequent Guillermo del Toro films, but we got sidetracked as usual. How so? Check the tags and listen in to find out!

PCP Episode 074: The Avengers

3 May

Assemble! We’ve been prepping for weeks and the movie is days–nay–hours away! If you need a comprehensive breakdown on the history of The Avengers, you’ve come to the right place. We talk about all of the non A-list characters that comprise of the team and recall all of its major historical incarnations. Every team, every member, every event is fair game in the comic’s canon. We closeout with the good stuff as we speculate on the movie and tease the nerd war that this upcoming summer will bring.