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PCP Episode 050.5: Fun ‘n Games

26 Oct

We wrap up the last hour of our special two-parter with a few laughs from a couple of games. We take in a couple of rounds of Would You Rather (the results are expectedly disturbing) and top things off with What am I Thinking (object: two people have to read each other’s mind by way of saying the same word at the same time). Listen, it makes sense over radio, trust us.


PCP Episode 050: Email

24 Oct

It’s an episode about nothing in particular so consider this our homage to Let’s Do This. We wanted to do something special for our 050th episode but, we decided to just chat things up. Things go all over the place in this first of a two-parter. We discuss Marcus’s job woes, babies that will look like Sasquatch, Thurnis and Mathew tell homeschooling stories, strange punishments and read emails that go everywhere as well. The DC52, our dreams/aspirations and some of the more intense moments in PCP history.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Prequels and Remakes

17 Oct

With The Thing and Footloose hitting theaters, the crew felt it was as timely as any other time to remake a past episode(this has nothing to do with the fact that a few of us could not make it to the recording). We have the trademark tangents and jokes to keep this one lively for you guys. We talk some of the best and worst prequels and remakes and draw the line on what makes a reboot and new interpretations (be they based on books or anything else.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Harry Potter 8 Review

18 Jul

In what feels like nineteenth hour of Harry Potter coverage, we wrap things up once and for all with our review of Deathly Hallows Part 2. This episode not only examines the final film in the franchise but, we’ll also be going back to talk about the last book as whole with callbacks to Part 1. Be forewarned – there are spoilers abound within this episode. If you’ve seen only the movies but, not this one yet, we will be revealing many significant plot points. Despite what is said in this review, this week’s 037 will be on captain America and not Final Fantasy. Be sure to give us your feedback and thoughts on the movie or franchise overall.

PCP Episode 036: Harry Potter

14 Jul

“Harry Potter and Podcast of Culture that is Popping” is the much awaited tale of the Boy Who Lived through the eyes of the PCP boys. With the final film so close, this is your chance cram for the OWLs. Sharpen your wands, press your robes and count your Horcruxes. We revisit our personal memories with stories, discuss the characters and introduce our latest catchphrase. And that’s only Part 1 in this wicked brilliant adventure. In Part 2, we give a refresher on the books and films prior to the Deathly Hallows tale and its subsequent movies. No worry about spoilers for the finale here. We top it off with our final thoughts regarding what we loved about this modern-classic and why it stands where it does in popular culture.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Ocarina of Time 3D Review

27 Jun

Congratulations to Spill on Spill Dot Con and to New York on basic human rights. Still, the rent is too high and the crew is in full effect! After a couple of, let’s call them more intimate episodes, all six of us are back to record. What’s more? We bring the funny and plenty of news after 10 minutes of shout-outs to you, our friends and listeners. We talk McDreamy as Dr. Strange, The Hobbit and smell-o-vision in movie news. We talk news PS3s and Arkham City DLC in video games. We’ve got plenty of comics news as well as the return of our anime & manga section. In TV news we have 100 Bullets being adapted, FX’s Powers development and the upcoming Green Lantern series. We wrap this one up with a review of Ocarina of Time’s 3DS port. Don’t forget to check back in Wednesday for 034: Transformers in prep for the upcoming movie. If you don’t know Transformers beyond the the Bay flicks, check it.

PCP Episode 025: The New Class

3 May

As previously indicated, the structure for the Pop Culture Podcast has been reformatted. Though all members of the old cast are not in communication having cited “creative differences” as the cause. However, they did agree to individually meet with Carol from HR for brief one-on-sessions to discuss the falling out. We present this “Behind the Podcast” as an apology and fond farewell to the old crew. We hope that this will somewhat compensate for the inconvenience of the show’s rebuilding. You will be happy to find that a substitute cast, all friends of the old one, has been formed. We’d like to introduce you to Rob, Sam, Mat and Omega’s pilot episode as they make up for the delayed Weekly dose.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Wrestlemania XXVII Review

12 Apr

Entertainment news with the Pop Culture Podcast crew for the week of April 3 to 10. We’ve got the full cast/roster/ensemble/squad/clique/crew/denotation for a group 3 or more individuals brought together with a singular goal in mind. We discuss the passing of legendary director Sidney Lumet, Chronicles of Narnia 4, the demise of Stargate, PSN hackery, butt-holes inside of butt-holes and much more. We also have our review of Wrestlemania 27. Don’t forget to checkout our upcoming post dedicated to British television. It will be a ripping-good time.

PCP Episode 010: Best of 2010 Avery Awards

19 Jan

Now that all the self-serving smug of the Golden Globes is over and done with, we can get to some award show where you don’t buy your way in – PCP’s Best of 2010 Avery Awards. The “Avery’s” if you will. To be clear, you can in fact buy us out but, we have no ceremony, credibility or actual trophy (sorry to ruin the illusion). Just to let you all know, there are some candidates that got robbed. We’re talking unforgivably so. But, our format is that we can only vote on the media we’ve actually experienced first hand. It’s not the best system but, it’s near the worst. Not much of a pardon, I know. But, if you’d be so kind, take it easy and enjoy us wax poetically about the best dramatic film, game console, manga, animated series, indie comic book, music video and so much more. We do mean more. Seriously. I’m talking defenestration and at least one of us in traction.