PCP Episode 050.5: Fun ‘n Games

We wrap up the last hour of our special two-parter with a few laughs from a couple of games. We take in a couple of rounds of Would You Rather (the results are expectedly disturbing) and top things off with What am I Thinking (object: two people have to read each other’s mind by way of saying the same word at the same time). Listen, it makes sense over radio, trust us.

PCP Episode 050: Email

It’s an episode about nothing in particular so consider this our homage to Let’s Do This. We wanted to do something special for our 050th episode but, we decided to just chat things up. Things go all over the place in this first of a two-parter. We discuss Marcus’s job woes, babies that will look like Sasquatch, Thurnis and Mathew tell homeschooling stories, strange punishments and read emails that go everywhere as well. The DC52, our dreams/aspirations and some of the more intense moments in PCP history.

PCP Episode 049: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Someone needs to stop the nostalgia train that has been running along with PCP these past few weeks because it is out of control. We’re actually, finally talking about Yu-Gi-Oh! and it is a good one. We all at the Pop Culture Podcastle or Brownstone (whatever we call that basement now) had a love for fighting with cards at one point and we are here to skewer it. The melodrama, the kidnappings, the sheer ridiculousness…it’s all on the table for us to lampoon. If you watched the show, share some hearty laughs with us (we guarantee that we won’t break your souls).

PCP Episode 048: Toonami

First off folks, we’d like to apologize for the lack of a Weekly Dose this week. Hopefully, this nostalgia-driven, bonus-sized episode in the same vein as last week’s 047: Dragon Ball will make up for it. Yep, we return to the public school lunch table and discuss Toonami. There’s nothing that needs to particularly be said here. It’s a rundown of one of the greatest television blocks in kid show cable history. In addition to the shows, we give love to Tom and his many phases over 11 years. Be sure to tell us some of your favorites and regale us with your memories.

PCP Episode 047: Dragonball

The amount of ridiculousness contained within the Dragonball franchise is virtually immeasurable. With a roster of characters that continues to grow, increasingly convoluted stories and some downright gratuitous animation, Dragonball is a mighty beast. If you wanted a podcast to summarize the series for you…look elsewhere. This is an episode for nostalgia. This is buddies just reveling in the hilarity and awesome that Dragonball was and is as we recount Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Transformers 3 Review

Happy birthday America! What a better way to spend your 235th birthday than with a nice, tall glass of Pop Culture Podcast? Seriously, we have a lot of shout-outs to give as usual in this one before we get in to our signature delivery of entertainment news. What’s it this week? We talk more Thor in 2013, Tom Hanks (hopefully) trolling us, Marcus’s Gamefly woes and the secrets of DC relaunch lying within a shot-glass. We’re also test a restructured anime/manga section. This week includes Bleach, Deadman Wonderland, A Fairytale, Medaka Box, Tokyo Hitman Reborn and more. Yes, more! In tv, we discuss CM Punk’s delivery of the greatest promo ever. We close things up with our review of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Beware, there are spoilers. We’ll be posting our 035: Devil May Cry this Wednesday so be sure to come back for that.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Ocarina of Time 3D Review

Congratulations to Spill on Spill Dot Con and to New York on basic human rights. Still, the rent is too high and the crew is in full effect! After a couple of, let’s call them more intimate episodes, all six of us are back to record. What’s more? We bring the funny and plenty of news after 10 minutes of shout-outs to you, our friends and listeners. We talk McDreamy as Dr. Strange, The Hobbit and smell-o-vision in movie news. We talk news PS3s and Arkham City DLC in video games. We’ve got plenty of comics news as well as the return of our anime & manga section. In TV news we have 100 Bullets being adapted, FX’s Powers development and the upcoming Green Lantern series. We wrap this one up with a review of Ocarina of Time’s 3DS port. Don’t forget to check back in Wednesday for 034: Transformers in prep for the upcoming movie. If you don’t know Transformers beyond the the Bay flicks, check it.

PCP Episode 025: The New Class

As previously indicated, the structure for the Pop Culture Podcast has been reformatted. Though all members of the old cast are not in communication having cited “creative differences” as the cause. However, they did agree to individually meet with Carol from HR for brief one-on-sessions to discuss the falling out. We present this “Behind the Podcast” as an apology and fond farewell to the old crew. We hope that this will somewhat compensate for the inconvenience of the show’s rebuilding. You will be happy to find that a substitute cast, all friends of the old one, has been formed. We’d like to introduce you to Rob, Sam, Mat and Omega’s pilot episode as they make up for the delayed Weekly dose.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Comics Stagnation

Entertainment news with the Pop Culture Podcast crew for the week of April 17 to 24. Sometimes we get silly in these shows but, we try to keep focused during our weekly doses but, things started that way (and for the better). Between the giggles and the snickering fits we do have a full show for you guys. We discuss Jason Statham as a Cheeky Bastard in the new Parker adaptation, Skynet having taken effect on the Playstation Network, Peter Parker is dead, the return of Kenshin and much more. We close out with a discussion on the stagnation of the comics industry. Remember to tune in to episode 024: The Mighty Thor on Wednesday.

PCP Episode 019: Adult Swim (Rise and Fall)

All kids out of the pool! In all seriousness, kids shouldn’t listen to us but, you give us numbers so go ahead. We really nerd out this time as we, the PCP crew, reminisce about the rise an fall of William’s Street. To be honest, we were having such a good time that we barely touch on the fall. We walk down memory lane as me note the transition from Toonami to what made Adult Swim must-see tv for us: Anime, irreverent humor and the bumps. We talk Cowboy Bebop, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Gundam, Harvey Birdman and pretty much everything else to some degree. We had a particularly good time just remembering shows tonight and we hope you all do too.

PCP Episode 017: Pokémon

PCP Episode 010: Best of 2010 Avery Awards

Now that all the self-serving smug of the Golden Globes is over and done with, we can get to some award show where you don’t buy your way in – PCP’s Best of 2010 Avery Awards. The “Avery’s” if you will. To be clear, you can in fact buy us out but, we have no ceremony, credibility or actual trophy (sorry to ruin the illusion). Just to let you all know, there are some candidates that got robbed. We’re talking unforgivably so. But, our format is that we can only vote on the media we’ve actually experienced first hand. It’s not the best system but, it’s near the worst. Not much of a pardon, I know. But, if you’d be so kind, take it easy and enjoy us wax poetically about the best dramatic film, game console, manga, animated series, indie comic book, music video and so much more. We do mean more. Seriously. I’m talking defenestration and at least one of us in traction.

PCP Episode 004: Manga and Anime

This time, the crew goes into manga (particularly Shonen’s Big 3: Naruto, Bleach and One Piece).


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