Avery Reviews The Avengers

4 May

If you would have told me 4 years ago there would be an Avengers movie before DC got their shit together to put out a Justice League movie i would have called you crazy. But coming out of the theater the only fault i found with the movie is how good it made me feel watching it and the general displeasure of having to leave the theater at its end credits.


The plot of this movie is simple and quite honeslty every fan of the characters has known what the story was going to be from watching the trailers. The Avengers come together to combat a horde of alien space monsters tasked by the mad god Loki with conquering earth. To elaborate anymore would ruin the experience because quite honestly the trailers don’t do the movie justice or spoil its better moments like i had assumed they would.

What I Like

Quite honestly i loved every facet of this movie and this isn’t as a marvel fan giddy to watch Captain America, Thor and Iron Man sit in the same room. This is as a guy who tried to not get overwhelmed in the fanboy awesomeness of the movie and judge it as an actual film. Its beyond fantastic and while its not an Oscar film it is the high bar for Super Hero movies.

Now some would claim that the Dark Knight is that high bar…but on closer examination Nolan’s Batman franchise has been less about superheroes saving the day and more about crime and darkness. He’s trimmed so much of the fat for his film that their only vaguely a film about a super hero fighting crime and more about a conflicted mask vigilante battling the cesspool of darkness that is Gotham. On the other parallel the Avengers is a comic book film and one that screams superheroes at the top of its lungs while being both serious, heartwarming and funny all at the same time. While i could sing the praises of this movie on its own the the cast of this movie is fantastic and the best i’ve seen in a super hero film not directed by Mister Nolan.

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye was the unknown factor for me with this movie. The early trailers gave him no dialogue and all he did was brandish a bow in the brief clips he was present for. He had a tiny cameo in Thor that amounted to him doing nothing and giving you little about the character outside of being a shield agent who would rather use a bow then a gun. What we get in the movie however is Shields most accomplished agent next to the Widow who is so formidabble a threat that at no moment was a fearing for his safety in the massive alien slug fest. While i wish they would have explained both his codename and his love of arrows i quickly shut up and marveled at his archery skills while not true form were amazingly cool feats to watch. Playing Clint Barton as a cold sniper with a little dry humor, he’s not the Hawkeye i grew up reading in the comics Renner has owned the role like the other members of the Avengers principal cast.

Scarlett Johanssen as Black Widow is a similar unknown factor for me going into this movie. While she’s had screen time in the trailers and a relatively large role in the second iron man movie my she always felt like window dressing to avoid the backlash of having the Avengers as one giant sausage fest. I remember giggling at the big Avengers round up shot where the male members strut their stuff and she loads her tiny gun looking completely out of place next to a super soldier, a god of thunder and a weapon of mass destruction.  Then i realized that Joss Whedon was directing and what we got was probably the fiercest and loveable portrayals of the character i have ever seen. Widow essentially existed as the heart of the team while not letting anyone forget that she was a master class assassin. She more then pulled her weight in the big action scenes and played a pivotal role in ending the threat of Loki’s army

Mark Ruffallo as the Incredible Hulk was another point of confusion when preparing for this movie.  Though i love Ruffalo in all of his work, the role had been perfected with Edward Norton and while i had learned to accept Mark as the character of Bruce Banner i didn’t know whether i would love him. I just want to make this clear that Ruffalo’s portrayal of both Banner and his green Goliath counterpart are the best portrayals of the characters i have seen on the big screen and watching the Hulk smash aliens is one of the high points of the final act.

Hemsworth, Downey and Evans have already cemented their roles as the Mighty Thor, Invincible Iron Man and the Legendary Captain America so there not much to say about their portrayals then saying they brought the best part of their characters from their own starring roles into this ensemble cast and worked well together never outshining any other character with their starpower. I mean all of the press and marketing was highlighting Iron Man but contrary to his statements the Iron Avenger does play well with others. His new Armor and the way its deployed are a treat for Iron Man fans and one stop closer to breaking the suspension of disbelief on my favorite armor the Extremis. Evans return as Captain Rogers completely washed away the bad taste of my second viewing of Captain America displaying the super soldier that i wished i saw in his debut. While not the star, Evans quickly commands the spotlight when he shows up as Captain America and the fanboy in me squeeled when the Avengers look to him for leadership even the ever mouthy Tony Stark. Hemsworth continues his commanding role of Thor playing both somber and fish out of water well and bringing the emotion of a man who just wants to have his brother back despite his faults well. Watching the three of these characters slowly develop the power trio that would anchor the Avengers was a treat to behold and i’m still baffled at how well Whedon pulled it off.

Clark Gregg, Sam Jackson and the Lovely Colby Smulders all play their roles beautifully and even Jackson who i never thought commanded the screen as Fury gave an amazing performance. I think not screaming helped and anchored by Hill and Couslon shield agents who know what their doing was a great move on Marvel’s part. Hiddleston’s return as the God of Lies was a treat to see as he treated every person on screen with him with vile contempt and a gleeful whimsy that played up the insanity of his newest incarnation. This take on Loki is fascinating and eager for the Next Thor film to pick up this interesting bit of characterization and take it running.

If there is any star of this movie its Joss Whedown who after this and his role with the development of Cabin in the Woods is now a big name in not only nerd culture but big summer block busters. The pacing of this movie is fantastic to the point where honestly i didn’t feel the time slip buy and when the beautiful credits rolled i did a double take at my watch hoping there was more. The special effects for this movie are perfect and at now point did a cringe when the Hulk and Iron Man were on screen. The script is also suprisingly funny punctuating the break necked pace of the movie with moments of sheer levity and whimsical joy such as a comical moment between the Hulk and Thor that eases the tension of a massive battle with a giant serpent. the balance of comedy and serious acting is another strength of the script as some of the best moments of the movie are the characters just talking and exploring eachothers characters whether it be Cap and Iron Man arguing about heroics or Tony and Banner geeking out about technology. The Avengers feel like real living and breathing heroes not a one note characters only on screen to smash aliens.

What i didn’t like

I’m sure someone with a stick up their but will point out this movies faults but as far as i can tell it was a perfect summer movie, a perfect comic book movie and a perfect superhero movie


Personally i’m not interested in any of the big summer comic book blockbusters that are coming our way, and if i have to see one this season i’m glade i saw the Avengers. I feared that i had seen most of the movie due to the dozens of trailers and sneak previews but it hides some amazing surprises of plot and character that i honestly didn’t see coming including “spoiler” a poignant reality call for our heroes during a moment of crisis. Its a movie so good i’ve already pre-ordered the blu ray and plan to see again as soon as possible just to enjoy it again. I saw the movie in 3D and despite my dislike and discomfort with the medium it was actually pretty enjoyable taking nothing away from the story and making some of the later fight scenes especially everyone shot of Hawkeye even more dynamic.

Also for all the serious Marvel Fans who the Mid Credits stinger is one of the most infuriatingly awesome bits of comic book teasing for the movies sequel that literally had me in a fit of joy and rage. I cannot wait for the sequel to this movie and if they can keep the momentum that this brings Marvel Studios has officially eclipsed Warner Brothers as the prime supplier of comic book films joy


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  1. Tale Ojeabulu May 5, 2012 at 1:44 am #

    Mannn you hit the nail on the head! My inner geek gushed at this movie! and your reviews are very professional! you should try to work for a paper for reviews man!

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