PCP Episode 067: Deadliest Warrior

14 Mar

We might as well have called this episode “PCP: Bro Edition” because that’s pretty much what it was. We all have a thing for the nerdy (that much is clear), but add to that our love for violence and you’ve got the “Myth Busters meets UFC” fan-fiction that is the Deadliest Warrior. We do a brief rundown of the series and discuss the first two season in their respective entirety. Don’t worry, we tone down the testosterone and go into fanboy mode at the end as we discuss our dream match-ups for the show simulate (hint: a lot of the matches involve fiction characters). Here’s a taste: Biker Mice from Mars vs The Road Rovers (it actually does get geekier). Please, stick around for the end. What say you? What were your favorite Deadliest Warrior matches and who would be involved in your dream battle of pugilists (or anthropomorphic dogs, whatever).


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