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PCP Overdose: Odinsleep

28 Mar

We’re holding off on our special 069 episode this week so as to ensure that it’s as good as it possibly can be. Of course, we wouldn’t leave you guys hanging so we’re here to shoot the breeze and talk about…anything. The name of game here is laughs as we talk about everything under the sun. This includes hygiene, surgery to make you taller, our freakish bodily mutations, the weirdest trilogy ever, male nudity vs female nudity, romantic comedies, minimum wage, funny city names, our favorite running gags and a lot more! Yes, more (and it’s funny too)! We guarantee, be it by trolling or rolling, you will laugh. Fight off the #Odinsleep and listen to this episode!


PCP’s Weekly Dose: The Hunger Games Review

26 Mar

Apparently the whole world has seen this movie so, waiting for reviews before seeing it seems to be a bit of a moot point. However, we think we add some new flavor and dynamic with our take. We’ve got members who’ve read the book, those who only saw the movie and someone who didn’t do either (all angles have been covered). What we like, what we didn’t and we do the inevitable comparisons to Harry Potter and Twilight. Is it the new great franchise? We also add our take on the apparent race controversy of the film. Is it just Battle Royale with fewer Asian people? Find out in our review.

Marcus Reviews The Hunger Games

25 Mar


Every year in the ruins of what was once North America, the evil Capitol of the nation of Panem forces each of its twelve districts to send a teenage boy and girl to compete in the Hunger Games. A twisted punishment for a past uprising and an ongoing government intimidation tactic, The Hunger Games are a nationally televised event in which “Tributes” must fight with one another until one survivor remains. Pitted against highly-trained Tributes who have prepared for these Games their entire lives, Katniss is forced to rely upon her sharp instincts as well as the mentorship of drunken former victor Haymitch Abernathy. If she’s ever to return home to District 12, Katniss must make impossible choices in the arena that weigh survival against humanity and life against love.

What I Liked:

The movie’s greatest strength by far is the acting. Everyone who had a major role was either solid to good and really gave some nice identity to characters who honestly were a bit underdeveloped for the most part (unless you’ve read the books). The brightest star in the movie though is Jennifer Lawrence (who’s slowly becoming one of my favorite actresses) who is amazing as Katniss. You can tell that she fully understands her character and at times honestly seems to be the only one taking any of what’s happening seriously. She was so good in fact that I honestly barely paid much attention to the other characters sometimes whenever she was doing something because she was impossible not to notice. In my opinion she was the only character in the movie that felt very real and fully realized.

The “forest” that the Games took place in was quite breathtaking and it was during that time in the film that it showcased it’s best camerawork and cinematography.

The scene when the Games started after the countdown finished was visceral, frantic and all around amazing. Also the choice to keep that scene almost completely silent for the most part was inspired.

While I wasn’t really a fan of the over the top Tim Burton-esque costume design for the people who resided in the Capitol, it did really do a good job of showcases them as the ridiculous and unaffected tycoons that they all were. The contrast between those that lived in the Districts and those in the Capitol was jarring but made perfect sense.

I found the score (when it was actually used) to be pretty great and really added the right amount of emotion needed in certain scenes.

What I Didn’t Like:

It honestly took me a bit to REALLY get into the movie. For the first 30 minutes or so it wasn’t fully clicking with me.

I’ll probably get stoned for this but the Games as a whole never truly GRABBED me like I wanted them to in the movie and honestly left me feeling a bit empty. Aside from the beginning the rest of it just never felt as dangerous as I thought that it should’ve been. It all just felt too safe and never once did I feel like Katniss wasn’t gonna come out on top. Maybe they purposely chose to hold back because they know that this is gonna be a franchise but I feel like they really should’ve taken some more risks and gotten more gritty to really drive the point home that this was a true fight for survival.

While the artificial forest that the Games took place in looked great, for the most part the Capitol looked like a green screened mess. There were a few impressive moments but there were alot more where you could blatantly tell that it was mostly green screen and it wasn’t hid very well.

Some of the editing in the movie was a bit sketchy/sloppy. There were moments when scene would cut to another in a very abrupt and awkward fashion that made me cringe a bit.

This might be my fault for not reading the books yet but I didn’t buy Katniss and Peeta’s “relationship” for one second. While Peeta obviously loved her, Katniss seemed like she was going along with it just so that they would both be able to survive and not because she actually loved him. It all just felt so forced in the way that the movie presented it. Once again though that could just be because I haven’t read the books yet.


The Hunger Games is a film that suffers from the fact that it just feels like it’s the first movie in a series. The people who made it were very aware of the fact that there will be 2 other films after this and because of that I believe that certain risks weren’t taken and it all came out feeling a bit safe. I almost wish that there’d be some uncertainty about the sequels so that maybe they would’ve thrown all caution to the wind and really injected a bit of urgency into the movie as a whole. This of course doesn’t mean that I didn’t like the film though. The acting was strong throughout, it had some pretty impressive visual and cinematic moments and it was pretty enjoyable as a whole. I’m just frankly a bit sad that I wasn’t as blown away by it like alot of other people seemed to have been. I really wanted to like this movie more than I ended up liking it but nonetheless I still look forward to Catching Fire next year and I’m happy that so many fans of the series seemed pleased with it overall.

Rating: B

PCP Episode 068: BioWare

21 Mar

Mass Effect 3 came out, there’s a whole lot of hoopla about the ending. What better reason do we need to have in order to profile arguable the greatest RPG developer in all of gaming. We talk the company’s origin’s and touch on its earliest efforts. But this more about the big titles like Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. We know why you’re here though and this might as well be 068: Mass Effect. We heavily discuss ME2 and get into ME3 and its controversial ending (spoiler free).

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Movie Marketing

19 Mar

We talk about a good variety of subjects this time around with little in the way of method to tie things together. This should be of little surprise to any of you, but maybe we’ve got some newbies. We talk Scalped, whether or not Hugo is for kids, the black guy that dies first, how studios sell some movies and notable flops. That last part leads to an extended discussion on Disney’s John Carter as well as Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Spike Lee and how you can’t tell some fans nothing. Be sure to return for 068: BioWare

PCP Episode 067: Deadliest Warrior

14 Mar

We might as well have called this episode “PCP: Bro Edition” because that’s pretty much what it was. We all have a thing for the nerdy (that much is clear), but add to that our love for violence and you’ve got the “Myth Busters meets UFC” fan-fiction that is the Deadliest Warrior. We do a brief rundown of the series and discuss the first two season in their respective entirety. Don’t worry, we tone down the testosterone and go into fanboy mode at the end as we discuss our dream match-ups for the show simulate (hint: a lot of the matches involve fiction characters). Here’s a taste: Biker Mice from Mars vs The Road Rovers (it actually does get geekier). Please, stick around for the end. What say you? What were your favorite Deadliest Warrior matches and who would be involved in your dream battle of pugilists (or anthropomorphic dogs, whatever).

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Mass Effect 3 Review

12 Mar

We promise, the title is accurate and we do eventually talk about Mass Effect 3 (47-minute mark). Before we do however, we have another series of vaguely connected conversations that will tickle your funny bone. What does that include? G.O.O.D. Music vs Young Money, fast food for breakfast/lunch/dinner, proper chip bag opening technique, who’s gonna break Kanye’s heart next, kid movies not for kids, Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign, Peyton Manning, what makes a bro, 3 rules of getting women and much more including the review. Be sure to check back in for 067: Deadliest Warrior.

PCP Episode 066: Contemporary Comic Cartoons

7 Mar

The alliteration continues! During Episode 042, we tackled classic comic cartoons which included as many shows as we could think of up to 1999. We finish the job now by tackling the shows after the year 2000. These are the shows that don’t have the hand of Bruce Timm in them as that’s an episode of its own. What’s on the docket? X-Men: Evolution, Teen Titans, The Batman, Spectacular Spider-Man, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Young Justice, Black Panther and much more. This is an extra-long episode so you’re gonna wanna get comfortable people.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: 84th Academy Awards III

1 Mar

Here we have the final chapter in our nearly 3-hour long Academy Award viewing party.

In Memorium

Best Actor:

Jean Dujardin – The Artist as George Valentin

  • Demián Bichir – A Better Life as Carlos Galindo
  • George Clooney – The Descendants as Matt King
  • Gary Oldman – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy as George Smiley
  • Brad Pitt – Moneyball as Billy Beane

Best Actress:

Meryl Streep – The Iron Lady as Margaret Thatcher

  • Glenn Close – Albert Nobbs as Albert Nobbs
  • Viola Davis – The Help as Aibileen Clark
  • Rooney Mara – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as Lisbeth Salander
  • Michelle Williams – My Week with Marilyn as Marilyn Monroe

Best Picture:

The Artist – Thomas Langmann

  • The Descendants – Jim Burke, Jim Taylor, and Alexander Payne
  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – Scott Rudin
  • The Help – Brunson Green, Chris Columbus, and Michael Barnathan
  • Hugo – Graham King and Martin Scorsese
  • Midnight in Paris – Letty Aronson and Stephen Tenenbaum
  • Moneyball – Michael De Luca, Rachael Horovitz, and Brad Pitt
  • The Tree of Life – Dede Gardner, Sarah Green, Grant Hill, and Bill Pohlad
  • War Horse – Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy