Marcus Reviews Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

9 Jan


The IMF is shut down when it’s implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization’s name and stop a nuclear war between Russia and the US in the process.

Things I Liked:

Mission Impossible is a series that benefits from having movies that stand alone while each having something that ties them to the previous ones. Because of this people that have watched the others feel rewarded while people new to the franchise can still enjoy this as its own movie.

Brad Bird has a reputation for crafting well thoughtout and enjoyable films that balance brains, heart and spectacle pretty seamlessly. Ghost Protocol definitely benefits from his expertise as Bird gives the film a simple yet effective plot that not only adds some urgency to the action but gives the movie as a whole more purpose.

You never really go to see popcorn action films for the acting but its important that the characters are likable and Ghost Protocol succeeds in that department. Cruise, Pegg, Patton and Renner (who’s playing a goofier character than he usually does in this) are all great individually but because of their natural chemistry they’re irresistible together. I guarantee that you will laugh at least once from one of their group conversations.

Can I just say that Paula Patton looks scrumptious in this. I literally salivated a couple of times lol.

As in every Mission Impossible before it the gadgets and action sequences in Ghost Protocol were ridiculously over the top but that didn’t stop me from enjoying every one of them lol. The sandstorm scene in particular was truly a sight to behold. I’m actually really curious how they shot that, must’ve been a bitch.

Things I Didn’t Like:

I can’t help but feel like this movie was more suited for the summer. It just feels odd to go see it in the winter time but that’s not really a flaw.

Honestly nothing really comes to mind here. It’s not gonna win any fine arts awards but as far as action films go this is pretty top notch.


As it stands Ghost Protocol is the best MI movie since the original (debateably even better than that one) thanks to Bird’s tight direction, a smart but easy to follow plot, great chemistry from the cast and engaging action throughout. If over the top shenanigans aren’t really your cup of tea then Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is out but otherwise do yourself a favor, get some friends together and have a blast with this. I give Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol an A.


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