PCP Episode 055: Super Hero Dramas

29 Nov

Sorry about the lack of a Weekly Dose this week, but we’ll be making it up to you guys with a special double-post. This time, we’re talking television. Specifically, super hero dramas. We go into non-licensed shows (ie no characters from DC or Marvel). We go from the classics like Greatest American Hero, 6 Million Dollar Man and Zorro to Japanese adaptations like Big Bad Beetleborgs and Ultra Man. But, you’re more concerned with the modern versions, right? How about Buffy the Vampire Slayer (yes, it counts), Secret World of Alex Mack, The Cape (ugh) and spend a lot of time on the rise and falllll of Heroes. What are some of your favorites and which superhero TV dramas can suck it? Let us know and be sure to check back in this week for 056: Legend of Zelda.


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