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PCP Episode 047: Dragonball

28 Sep

The amount of ridiculousness contained within the Dragonball franchise is virtually immeasurable. With a roster of characters that continues to grow, increasingly convoluted stories and some downright gratuitous animation, Dragonball is a mighty beast. If you wanted a podcast to summarize the series for you…look elsewhere. This is an episode for nostalgia. This is buddies just reveling in the hilarity and awesome that Dragonball was and is as we recount Dragonball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT.


PCP’s Weekly Dose: Re-Releases

26 Sep

With Lion King poised to be number one at the box-office for the second week in a row (and probably the only movie to do that across different millennia), we at the PCP brownstone thought we’d examine the re-release trend. Why do it and what movies actually deserve it? A warning, our soundboard crapped out on us again and we have another have static show. We know, it’s frustrating. We’re working on the problem but, in the mean time, it’s your chance to tell us what movies you guys think deserve to be re-released. Be sure to tune in on Wednesday for 047: Dragonball

PCP Episode 046: Comedy

21 Sep

We don’t want to come off as presumptuous but, this time, we bring the funny. For once, our habitual robbery of other people’s jokes is actually in order. Here we discuss some of our favorites in stand-up, musical and improvisational comedy. We had a good time recording this one and were reminded of why we started doing these recordings – to share some laughs and remain close buds. Listen for the giggles, to tell us your favorite comedians that we have missed or to discover which of us named Dane Cook as their favorite comic.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Drive Review

19 Sep

Ok, last week, one of us said that Warrior was their favorite movie of the year. But a mere week later, Ryan Gosling and his fingerless gloves may have changed their frame of mind. Yep, this week we continue our post-summer reviews by reviewing a small flick by the name of Drive about a stunt/getaway driver that gets into a heist gone bad.

PCP Episode 045: Summer Movies in Review (Deux)

14 Sep

It’s that time of year again. Kids are back in school and the box office is floundering. All that’s left now is to reminisce about all the movies that came out this year. Fortunately, this summer left us with many more quality movies than when we started a year ago. That’s right – this is the sequel to the original 001. We don’t go too indepth this time as we’ve done oodles of reviews this summer on a lot of the flicks so be sure to check those out too. In the mean time, you have this to tie you over in a quick fix

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Warrior Review

12 Sep

Breaking from the mold of our general discussion preset for Weekly Doses, Audie, Marcus and Shegaw decided to see the movie Warrior for a full review of ha-has and man-tears. We discuss the movie that has us fear for Batman’s life and briefly talk about a few of our favorite fighting movies (a future episode perhaps?). Be sure to come back Wednesday for 045: Summer Movies in Review Deux (as it has been one year since we first started this podcast).

PCP Episode 044: Ultimate Comics

7 Sep

First off, apologies for the technical difficulties on the Weekly Dose. What can we say? Technology done goofed. But, that’s not the case here. It’s reboot season! The comic landscape has been in a state of radical change recently. No doubt, this will likely affect the very future of the industry itself but, we figured we’d take this time to recollect on the past of the industry. More specifically, in preparation of Marvel’s reboot of its Ultimate Universe, we look back on the comics that took an edgier angle to the Marvel brand like Spider-Man, Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men and some of your other favorite properties.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Death in Comics

6 Sep

Happy Labor Day and apologies for last week’s Weekly Dose absence (a faux earthquake and a hurricane didn’t help matters for us but, we were hit with technical difficulties. At any rate, we’re back and are talking about comics again. Oh, and as a warning, the beginning song is the “Flame On” song by Human Torch (voiced by Brian Austin Green) that we mentioned recently. But, on to the meat of matters: deaths in comics is the triumphant return of Brother Josiah to the PCP brownstone as we discuss what should be the ultimate for some of our favorite characters. Be sure to check back in for 044: Ultimate Comics this Wednesday.

PCP Episode 043: Square Enix

1 Sep

Ok…we’ve talked Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, RPGs and pretty much every even remotely related to the collective consciousness of Square Enix with discussing the company as a whole. Well, we rectify that now by discussing the company behind the aforementioned, Chrono Trigger, The Bouncer, Just Cause, Hitman and Deus Ex.