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PCP Episode 042: Classic Comics Cartoons

24 Aug

We’ll be taking it easy on you guys this week with what I like to call a diet-sized episode. One of the crew’s favorite things to do is just shooting the breeze about old cartoons. We love the nostalgia. What can we say? Anyway, we dip into that well again by recounting some of the comics cartoons that came out prior to the 2000s. We omitted the Bruce Timm shows this time so that we can save them up for an episode of its own. Even still, there were plenty of shows we had to leave out so we’ll likely be revisiting this era again. But, what are your favorites that we left out? Tell us any way you can.


PCP’s Weekly Dose: Leaker Madness

22 Aug

Between TDK Rises, Spider-Man, Avengers, Superman: Man of Steel and countless other films, leaking footage and content seems to be turning into an industry in it of itself. Trailers, promotional photos and sneaking anything not nailed-down off the set has run exceedingly rampant. It used to be that if you didn’t want to see this material, all you had to do was not seek it. The current climate has it so that people pass judgement projects before their completion. These movies are a long way off so, we thought we’d take some time to assess why we do (ironically doing just that which we’re scrutinizing). What do you think? Do movie studios tell us too much about the films we want to see or do people simply judge too quickly?

PCP Episode 041: Wrestling II

17 Aug

Apologies for the tardiness on this one folks (we recorded this 2 weeks prior to airing) but, we’re back and talking about wrassling! That’s right, Wrestling II, aka the CM Punk hour. With the landscape of the wrestling world having been turned on its ear over the last couple of months, we thought it was time to reform the Nation of Domination 2.0. Things start off with a review of the events of Money in the Bank. Then we talk WWE, TNA, ROH and IWC (internet wrestling community) but…in all honesty this is a very WWE heavy show. We’ve got plenty of commentary that’s infinitely more entertaining than anything with Michael Cole in it (GDYC). Tell us your favorites and thoughts on the current state of wrestling.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Watch the Throne Review

15 Aug

We haven’t reviewed an album in a long time so now seems to be as good a time as any to do one. Jay-Z and Kanye West have combined their efforts culminating in Watch the Throne. We run down the track list (after a quick run with death aka Audie) and give our two cents as hip-hop fans. Is this the most anticipated album in rap? Does it live up to the hype? Did we stumble upon the next great hit in rap game parody music? Is Amber Rose a deaf-mute? Probably not. But, be sure to tell us what you thought of the album. Don’t forget to come back on Wednesday for 041: Wrestling II. Oh, and Morgan Freeman should be a part of everything.

PCP Episode 040: South Park

10 Aug

We’ve longed teased that we’d eventually have a musical episode of PCP. But, little did we know that this would be that episode (though not in proper). Look, you’ve seen the show, the movie, can still sing the songs and you’re still sore from when your parent beat for watching it. Consider this an episode of nostalgia with friends making references to some of your favorite episodes of a venerable series. No PSAs this time but, there is the thought-provoking dialogue that South Park tends to stimulate with its satire. We also speculate on the future of the series and ask YOU, the listeners, what’s your favorite episode and what do you the think the future holds for the show?

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Diversity in Comics

8 Aug

No doubt, you’ve heard the kerfuffle that transpired last week when Marvel announced that the helm of Spider-Man in the Ultimate universe has been taken up by a half Black and half Hispanic character: Miles Morales. Needless to say, while the majority of people responded with a reasonable “maybe it’ll be good, maybe it won’t” reaction. Unfortunately, there was also a vocal minority that cited this “blackwashing” as “reverse-racism” and more affirmative action. We’ve decided to gather around and put our feelings out on the matter of diversity and tokenism. Please give us your thoughts and be sure to check back Wednesday for 040: South Park for a slightly less topical episode.

PCP Episode 039: G4TV

4 Aug

Fellow nerds, geeks, dweebs, gamers and fanboys…gather around. Except for you furries. Y’all can stay on Deviantart for now. You all may recall a time when two networks, G4TV and Tech TV, merged to form the geekiest of unions: G4TechTV. Certainly many of you are familiar with the channel today but, did you know the channel used to be about games and only games? It’s true! Join us as we recount the path taken as these respective meccas of nerdiness came together and how it became what it is today. We discuss the programs we loved, lost and the current state of affairs. We love you Pereira!