PCP Episode 034: Transformers

9 Jul
With Transformers 3: Don’t Sue Us Pink Floyd just dropping in theaters, the crew thought it’d be a good idea to do a crash course focusing on the franchise. Yeah, because we fear a lot of people know the Transformers in only the “less than ideal” Michael Bay actions movies, we felt the Autobots and Decepticons deserved their due. What does this involve? Well, of course we talk about the toys that broke almost instantly but, we get more in-depth discussing the Gen-1 characters in their different forms. This includes their various tv forms like G1, G2, Armada, Prime and the swerve if Beast Wars and Beast Machines. Isn’t that just prime? Most importantly, we run down the last two movies in prep for part 3. I think y’all know what to expect there. Sorry if things get too hectic but, how can you discuss Revenge of the Fallen without becoming an incoherent mess?

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