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PCP Episode 038: Final Fantasy

30 Jul

There is nothing final about this episode’s subject matter. We’ve talked RPGs and Kingdom Hearts before but, now we’re talking about the crowning jewel of Square Enix (Squenix) – Final Fantasy. With a lineage lasting longer than the lifespans of many of our listeners, we realized it’d be ridiculous for us to discuss the franchise in its entirety. As such, we’ll be talking about the overhype of VII, a brief into VIII (unfortunately most of the recording has be distorted), love IX and X, skip XI (like everyone else) and get into some heated debate on XII and XIII. Then we give our 2 cents on the future of the franchise. Be sure to tell us your thoughts on Final Fantasy as well. We know you’ve got some thoughts too so, please share.


PCP’s Weekly Dose: Captain America Review

26 Jul

Coming hot off the heels of Comic-Con, what better movie to see than the character that preceded the industry itself: Captain America? In all honesty, he’s only been ranked a private but, we’re not gonna be the ones to make the nitpick. Anyway, here’s our review for the last pin of The Avengers framework in Captain America: The First Avenger. Be forewarned, we do spoil at least two notable plot points here. If you’ve seen the movie, you’re good to enjoy a Schnapps with us. Be sure to tell us your thoughts and to return on Wednesday for 038: Final Fantasy. PCP Wants U…to enjoy this show.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Harry Potter 8 Review

18 Jul

In what feels like nineteenth hour of Harry Potter coverage, we wrap things up once and for all with our review of Deathly Hallows Part 2. This episode not only examines the final film in the franchise but, we’ll also be going back to talk about the last book as whole with callbacks to Part 1. Be forewarned – there are spoilers abound within this episode. If you’ve seen only the movies but, not this one yet, we will be revealing many significant plot points. Despite what is said in this review, this week’s 037 will be on captain America and not Final Fantasy. Be sure to give us your feedback and thoughts on the movie or franchise overall.

PCP Episode 036: Harry Potter

14 Jul

“Harry Potter and Podcast of Culture that is Popping” is the much awaited tale of the Boy Who Lived through the eyes of the PCP boys. With the final film so close, this is your chance cram for the OWLs. Sharpen your wands, press your robes and count your Horcruxes. We revisit our personal memories with stories, discuss the characters and introduce our latest catchphrase. And that’s only Part 1 in this wicked brilliant adventure. In Part 2, we give a refresher on the books and films prior to the Deathly Hallows tale and its subsequent movies. No worry about spoilers for the finale here. We top it off with our final thoughts regarding what we loved about this modern-classic and why it stands where it does in popular culture.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Licensed Movies

11 Jul

We, the brethren of the Pop Culture Podcast have forgone the traditional Weekly Dose in favor of an experimental, new format for your listening pleasure. Yeah, that don’t sound right from this end either. Real talk, we had a last minute hiccup that threw off our recording so, we decided to play around with posting a shorter, roundtable discussion instead of a long form, “last week in the news” style. Let us know what you think. We’ll be making it up to you guys this week though. This week, 036: Harry Potter will be a special double post. Be sure to check back in for that.

PCP Episode 035: Devil May Cry

9 Jul

 Time to hack and slash your way through the most liberal adaptation of Dante’s Inferno since…well, EA’s Dante’s Inferno game. Don’t base your book report on it. Yep, time to pick out your favorite Devil Arm for a walk down one of the most convoluted video game franchises to ever see the light of day. There’s a lot to discuss when discussing a series so over-the-top and out of order. How to describe it? A Sweet, Stylish, Awesome, Showtime Blast. Be forewarned, this one has no easy mode as we marathon it after 30 minutes. But, check it out and be sure to tell us what you guys think about the franchise and the abomination that will likely be DMC(5).

PCP Episode 034: Transformers

9 Jul
With Transformers 3: Don’t Sue Us Pink Floyd just dropping in theaters, the crew thought it’d be a good idea to do a crash course focusing on the franchise. Yeah, because we fear a lot of people know the Transformers in only the “less than ideal” Michael Bay actions movies, we felt the Autobots and Decepticons deserved their due. What does this involve? Well, of course we talk about the toys that broke almost instantly but, we get more in-depth discussing the Gen-1 characters in their different forms. This includes their various tv forms like G1, G2, Armada, Prime and the swerve if Beast Wars and Beast Machines. Isn’t that just prime? Most importantly, we run down the last two movies in prep for part 3. I think y’all know what to expect there. Sorry if things get too hectic but, how can you discuss Revenge of the Fallen without becoming an incoherent mess?

PCP Episode 033: Michael Bay

9 Jul

Welcome to Part 2 in our “Better Know a Director” series (the fighting directors). With “Transformers: Pink Floyd Wouldn’t Give us the Rights” so close, we thought we’d look at the man behind the boom. MICHAEL BAY! Awesome barbecue! Awesome pool! We talk his modest beginnings as an orphan (orphans don’t have parents) to Hollywood goldmine. We talk Bad Boys, The Rock, Armageddon, the inexcusable suck of Pearl Harbor, our love of Bad Boys II and The Island. What’s that you say? We’re missing a couple? Well, we’ve got a Transformers-exclusive episode in store for you next week. But for now, enjoy the hilarity as we discuss 360 pans and the awful movies he’s produced. There’s love. There’s hate. And there’s…EXPLOSIOOOOOOOONS!!!!!!!

PCP Episode 031: Spring Movies in Review

9 Jul

 With the summer movie season in full effect, the PCP crew decided it was a good time for our seasonal movie retrospective. This time Avery, Marcus and Shegaw talk about all of the major movies to be released since the beginning of the year until just before blockbuster season. There’s a lot to talk about so this is another plus-sized episode (it’s so full that we couldn’t even fit in musical breaks). A brief rundown: Green Hornet, No Strings Attached, The Mechanic, Just Go WIth It, Big Momma’s House, I Am Number 4, Drive Angry, Hall Pass, Adjustment Bureau, Beastly, Rango, Limitless, Hanna, Your Highness, Rio, Water for Elephants and more. Seriously, there are actually more movies that we talk about. We’ve got our signature humor to get us by with a quite a few gems to tickle your funny bones. Check it!

PCP Episode 030: Fantastic Four

9 Jul

Man, we really thought that we were going to have a good, informed discussion about Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four but, you know us by now. Don’t get us wrong, we definitely drop the knowledge on the subject but we always end up falling off the rail. Seriously, we have never gotten so much mileage out of making fun of a villain like Dr. Doom. It’s good stuff, I promise. We talk the Future Foundation’s dynamics being the basis for Captain Planet, their friends and loved ones, off-and-on members and the best rogue’s gallery comics (dare we say). We also touch on how the franchise led to one of the greatest superhero movies of all time and their adaptation into the Venture Brothers and Batman Beyond.