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PCP’s Weekly Dose: Ocarina of Time 3D Review

27 Jun

Congratulations to Spill on Spill Dot Con and to New York on basic human rights. Still, the rent is too high and the crew is in full effect! After a couple of, let’s call them more intimate episodes, all six of us are back to record. What’s more? We bring the funny and plenty of news after 10 minutes of shout-outs to you, our friends and listeners. We talk McDreamy as Dr. Strange, The Hobbit and smell-o-vision in movie news. We talk news PS3s and Arkham City DLC in video games. We’ve got plenty of comics news as well as the return of our anime & manga section. In TV news we have 100 Bullets being adapted, FX’s Powers development and the upcoming Green Lantern series. We wrap this one up with a review of Ocarina of Time’s 3DS port. Don’t forget to check back in Wednesday for 034: Transformers in prep for the upcoming movie. If you don’t know Transformers beyond the the Bay flicks, check it.


PCP’s Weekly Dose: Green Lantern Review

20 Jun

Happy post Father’s Day folks. Another week, another Weekly Dose. This time you’ve got the crew discussing casting two Robin Hoods in Superman: Man of Steel, a new director for Wolverine, a look at the Avengers team, the continuation of the recent hacking epidemic, the DC relaunch again and the X-Men Regenesis. We also go into a roundtable discussion pitting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 against Battlefield 3. Most importantly, we have our review of the Green Lantern movie. Don’t forget to check back in for our 033 on director Michael Bay.

PCP Episode 032: Green Lantern

15 Jun

¬†We, the poozers of PCP, have been put on suspension by the Guardians of the universe after having lost the great Book of Oa. Once again, we’ve gotta stop going to Bangkok. As a result, we are going back to basic training for the Lantern Corps. We won’t be going over the manual but, we will be having a crash course on the books that have gotten us this far in preparation for the big-screen adaptation. In brightest day…in blackest night…no one should go into this film without doing their homework. So give us a listen.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Super 8 Review

13 Jun

*WARNING*This Episode Has Been Afflicted With Audio Damage*WARNING*

Sorry about the technical difficulties on this one. After 20 some-odd minutes, there is a distortion that kicks that was undetectable while recording. You’re free to try and stomach it, and if you do, you’re a soldier. Otherwise, this one will have to go in the “Lost Episodes” bank.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: X-Men First Class Review

6 Jun

It feels good to have the full band back together even if it means we talk too much. To put it simply, we did a lot of jibber-jabber this time (we recorded an uncut 2 hours). But, we’ve trimmed that down for you guys to avoid spoilers for all of the stuff we talked about. This includes a possible Hawkman movie, Sony’s Vita and PSN service, the road to E3’s near completion and the especially big week in comics. We’re talking deaths and the entire industry being shook up. As promised, we have our review of X-Men: First class (don’t worry, it’s spoiler free except for a single instance). We wish we could give the entire review, spoilers included because it was just such a good time but, that’s not fair to those who haven’t seen it yet. It’s the full crew this time and very full show. Don’t forget to check out episode 031: Spring Movies in Review.