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PCP’s Weekly Dose: Hangover Part II Review

30 May

First and foremost, happy Memorial Day America. Now, sorry folks but, me done effed up again. Apparently things got pretty crazy the other night and we lost half of the crew. Don’t worry though, Carrol from HR will track them down (hopefully they’re still with those nice lady-boys). In the meantime, you have the original wolf pack holding it down. We managed to get a bonus-sized episode as we discuss directors leaving movies that should not be, the Avengers (again), Green Lantern getting down to the wire, the road to E3, racism in the comics world, Ghostrider being a chick and each of us reviews a tv season finale (Cougar Town, Supernatural and Modern Family). But, wait! That’s not all! We also discuss what is apparently the greatest superhero movie of all time and close up with our review of The Hangover: Part II. This week we’ll be doubling up on episodes to make up for lost time so be on the lookout for 029: Role-Playing Games and 030: Fantastic Four


PCP Episode 028: Spider-Man

25 May

PCP-PCP-does whatever a…y’know what? We know when a bit won’t work and that song simply can’t be adequately parodied anymore. But hey, this is our third ode to a Marvel property and will certainly not be our last. Seriously, that crazy ol’ coot Stan Lee won’t leave us be. It’s always “excelsior this” and “hello true-believers”…it’s exhausting! Anyway, we talk the comic lineage of everyone’s favorite, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. We talk his loved ones, one of the greatest Rogue’s galleries ever and Norman Osborne’s hair.Are they waves or cornrows? The answer may surprise you. If nothing else, we’ve got every significant theme song that isn’t in Japanese.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: TV Finales / Fast 5 Review

23 May

First of all, RIP Randy “Macho Man” Savage. Entertainment news with the Pop Culture Podcast crew for the week of May 17-23. It’s another full episode for you guys this week as there was a lot to talk about. We nerd-out about the dream team ensemble behind the Tintin trailer, Tanto whitewashing, sour grapes with Activision lead to Modern Warfare 3 leaks, PSN redemption (ie free shwag) and a lot of other stories. We have a different discussion/review section for you guys this week. We have a rapid-fire review for several TV finales this past week (Chuck, Hawaii 5-0, The Office) and do a more in-depth review of Fast 5 since it’s kind of a down week. Don’t forget to check back in this week for episode 028: Spider-Man. You know you want to.

PCP Episode 027: Smallville

19 May

The boys of PCP lend a hand at the Kent Farm in rural Kansas. Looking back on the origins of the boy who would be Superman, we bid the 10 year television farewell. We take a look back on the series as a whole and review the ultimate episode, Finale, in-depth. As much as most of us rip on the series and some of its fans (ie Marcus and Josiah), we implore you to always hold on to Smallville.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Turtleneck and Chains Review

16 May

Entertainment news with the Pop Culture Podcast crew for the week of May 9-16. We know you don’t get enough of that Batman-talk so we have a bit of a rumor mill with possible Lazarus pits sightings. We also discuss another Tekken movie, the PSN being sorta back online, Soul Calibur 5, Alan Wake 1.5, the Spring anime season, our hate for Wonder Woman’s television adaptations coming to fruiting and FOX’s hate for tv in general. They killed Lie to Me! We also have our review of Lonely Island’s latest album: Turtleneck and Chains. Don’t forget to tune in this week for 027. As promised, we will be discussing Smallville and reviewing the series finale. In order to make up for no regular episode last week (blame Josiah), we’ll be giving you a bonus: 028: Spider-Man.

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Thor Review

9 May

Entertainment news with the Pop Culture Podcast crew for the week of May 1-8. It’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve had a proper weekly dose so you’re in for a pretty full show this time. This week, we wash our hands of Spider-Man, are taunted by Mass Effect 3 delays, discuss rebooting The Ultimates and bid a fond farewell to Michael Scott. We also have a good discussion about the superhero movies we have in store this summer. But, don’t take my word for it, just play, download and listen to it. For our review, we wanted to see either Something Borrowed with Kate Hudson but, then we realized that we’re not mentally incompetent. So, we saw Thor instead. Unfortunately, scheduling has caused us to not have a full show for you this week. But, we’ll be back in full form next week. Check it.

PCP Episode 026: 90s Disney Cartoons

5 May

5 hours of summer once a week. Yep, more nostalgia for you folks in gratitude of sticking with us so long. Yes, back in the day, television had a block of programming set aside exclusively for kids that would last 2 hours after school and for 5 hours on a Saturday morning. We have fond memories of these days and would like to share them with you. Let’s get dangerous talking about the offering of Disney’s animated TV shows like Darkwing Duck, Timon & Pumba, Doug (not the Nickelodeon one), The Mighty Ducks, Tale Spin, Gargoyles and Recess. This is another show where a description is unnecessary and you just need to remember a few theme songs. Be sure to stick around until the end to hear something never heard before on this show. So sit back, relax and enjoy some killer tofu with us.

PCP Episode 025: The New Class

3 May

As previously indicated, the structure for the Pop Culture Podcast has been reformatted. Though all members of the old cast are not in communication having cited “creative differences” as the cause. However, they did agree to individually meet with Carol from HR for brief one-on-sessions to discuss the falling out. We present this “Behind the Podcast” as an apology and fond farewell to the old crew. We hope that this will somewhat compensate for the inconvenience of the show’s rebuilding. You will be happy to find that a substitute cast, all friends of the old one, has been formed. We’d like to introduce you to Rob, Sam, Mat and Omega’s pilot episode as they make up for the delayed Weekly dose.