PCP Episode 023: Guilty Pleasure Movies

18 Apr

This one is funny. No lecturing or formality. Just a fun time with bad movies. Good taste, logic, common decency…they all go out the window this time. Yes, we realize we have virtually no sense of shame or guilt. What movies could we possibly feel embarrassed to like? Not Sucker Punch (after all, we do have some credibility). Well, how about Godzilla 2000, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat 2 (yes 2), The Big Hit, Catwoman, Super Mario Brothers, Double Dragon, Warriors of Virtue (fighting kangaroos) and Lost in Space? We wish we could have recorded more because we just had a good time doing it. We’ll just leave the description it at that. Oh, and Surf Ninjas, Surf Ninjas, Surf Ninjas…


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