PCP Episode 016: Metal Gear Solid

2 Mar

Incoming Transmission… The agents of P.C.P. debrief on Solid Snake’s mission to end Foxhound going from day one (the original Metal Gear…er Snake Eater) up to current (Guns of the Patriots) status. In attendance: “Pissing Willow” aka Shegaw, “Laughing Octopus” aka Marcus, “Crying Bear” aka Audie and “Howling Shepherd” aka Avery. Unfortunately, it seems we’d been compromised about halfway through by the likes of Psycho Mantis (trying plugging your headphones into another port). The real story is that the hard drive with the “clean” episode was stolen (that’s the ‘hood for ya). We apologize for the audio quality but, not for the good time you’ll have.


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