PCP Episode 013: Superhero Movies (Best/Worst)

8 Feb

We’re back with another genre-centric movie episode (it seems some of you are fans of them). This time, we delve into some of the best and worst superhero tales adapted to film. That’s right, an hour about Blankman! Kidding, though it’s not a bad idea. Here, we each bring 1 good and 1 bad superhero flick to the table and talk about how they made us proud to be comic book fans and ashamed respectively. Keep in mind, these aren’t our absolute best and worst as there are too many to mention. You want a list? Send us an email. As a bonus, we have a little drinking game for those of age – when Marcus says “literally”, take a shot. *WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* Playing this game will lead to inevitable death. Play under no circumstances. Bonus II: We got exceptionally immature at a point (even for us) and felt it required address…in the form of a public service announcement.


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