PCP Episode 012: James Cameron

2 Feb

Prepare yourself for another episode of a bunch of lovable miscreants hopping on the nuts of some incredibly famous and talented dude. We decided we’d do a whole episode in ode to one of our favorite directors – James Cameron. We know a lot of you have beef with him but, you’re probably just being prejudice. We here at PCP can look beyond Cameron being a Canadian. In fact, we love Canadians. They can make any declarative statement a question by just adding “eh” to the end. We respect that. Too bad about Celine Dion though. Back on topic. Cameron…he’s made more money than any other director and is guaranteed bank. From Aliens to Avatar and Terminator to Titanic, you’ve seen his work and we go a little more in depth than most by marathoning this baby. Just so you know, even though Andrew couldn’t be here for it, we respectfully hate on Titanic enough for more than 5.


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