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PCP’s Weekly Dose: I Am Number 4 Review

28 Feb

Entertainment news with the Pop Culture Podcast crew for the week of March 6-13. Apologies for the low audio quality but, it does improve after about 3 minutes. Also. we’d like to wish our road dog, Josiah, a happy birthday. We miss you buddy and look forward to having you back. We talk Odd Future Wolf Gang and culminate in a review of I Am Number 4.


Hello world!

24 Feb

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

PCP Episode 015: Capcom

23 Feb

Pop Culture Podcast vs. Capcom! Listeners team up as we shryuken one of the most popular game development and distribution companies to come out of Japan. Bringing us hits including Street fighter, Resident Evil and Mega Man, we’re sure you can find something to give a flying RE5 about. Also, for staying with us until level 15, you’ve unlocked a new character. That’s right, a new challenger approaches! It’s the inaugural episode of the PCP bodyguard – the Audacious Audie. Get your slugs or tokens ready. Continue… Start… BEGIN!

PCP’s Weekly Dose: Marvel vs Capcom 3 Review

21 Feb

Entertainment news with the Pop Culture Podcast crew for the week of February 27 to March 6 including an overview of the Grammy awards and a review of Marvel vs Capcom 3.

PCP Episode 014: Scott Pilgrim

15 Feb

Once upon a time, at the P.C.P. Brownstone, 4 evil exes were getting a life. And if you have you one, you wouldn’t waste an hour of it on an epic Scott Pilgrim anaylisis of epic epicness… now would you? Yep, more Canadians! We’ve discussed the film and the game so now all that’s left is discussing Bryan Lee O’Malley’s 6-volume graphic novel. We talk the hipsterisms, game references and genuine relationship elements that made us fall in love with the books. Join Avery, Josiah, Marcus and Shegaw (evil ex #0011, Andrew, was unavailable due to a date with the cleaning lady) for 45 minutes of soundboard.

PCP Episode 013: Superhero Movies (Best/Worst)

8 Feb

We’re back with another genre-centric movie episode (it seems some of you are fans of them). This time, we delve into some of the best and worst superhero tales adapted to film. That’s right, an hour about Blankman! Kidding, though it’s not a bad idea. Here, we each bring 1 good and 1 bad superhero flick to the table and talk about how they made us proud to be comic book fans and ashamed respectively. Keep in mind, these aren’t our absolute best and worst as there are too many to mention. You want a list? Send us an email. As a bonus, we have a little drinking game for those of age – when Marcus says “literally”, take a shot. *WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* *WARNING* Playing this game will lead to inevitable death. Play under no circumstances. Bonus II: We got exceptionally immature at a point (even for us) and felt it required address…in the form of a public service announcement.

PCP Episode 012: James Cameron

2 Feb

Prepare yourself for another episode of a bunch of lovable miscreants hopping on the nuts of some incredibly famous and talented dude. We decided we’d do a whole episode in ode to one of our favorite directors – James Cameron. We know a lot of you have beef with him but, you’re probably just being prejudice. We here at PCP can look beyond Cameron being a Canadian. In fact, we love Canadians. They can make any declarative statement a question by just adding “eh” to the end. We respect that. Too bad about Celine Dion though. Back on topic. Cameron…he’s made more money than any other director and is guaranteed bank. From Aliens to Avatar and Terminator to Titanic, you’ve seen his work and we go a little more in depth than most by marathoning this baby. Just so you know, even though Andrew couldn’t be here for it, we respectfully hate on Titanic enough for more than 5.